How to Find Skilled Construction Workers

How to Find Skilled Construction Workers

Construction workers are the backbone of any construction company, but finding and hiring skilled construction workers can be very difficult and time-consuming. Learning how to find skilled workers is a necessary skill for those working in the construction industry because construction workers put the value of a construction company on display through the quality of their work. When companies hire unqualified workers, they end up investing more time and money into people who might not work out. Professional recruiters are so useful because they find skilled construction workers that bring great value to any construction company. While not everyone has the money to invest in a recruiter, these tips will help you find the skilled construction workers your company needs.


Tip 1 – Communicate clearly


One of the many reasons construction companies hire unqualified workers can be attributed to a lack of clear communication between the company and the worker. When creating a job posting, construction companies need to be very clear and concise about what they are looking for in a worker. Being specific about the skills and qualities needed for a position will attract only those who are actually qualified for the job while driving away those who are not. Communicating clearly is one of the most important ways of understanding how to find skilled construction workers.


Tip 2 – Compete for talent


With the low unemployment rate and decreasing pool or skilled labor, every construction company is trying to hire the same talent you are. Your company must stand out from the crowd to bring in the workers you’d prefer. By checking on what your competitors offer, you can ensure your offer is competitive. Taking a look at what other companies are doing to bring in talented workers is one of the best ways of learning how to find skilled construction workers.

If competing companies are offering higher wages or better benefits, your company needs to either match or have some sort of quality that is either unique or better than the competition in order to compete. Building a brand that is unique or superior to another company’s brand will make those highly skilled workers stop and think about who they really want to work for.


Tip 3 – Always be hiring


One huge problem companies deal with is waiting until they are overloaded with work to start hiring new people. Companies that wait until the last minute to hire new workers are usually willing to give anyone the job because they are in such desperate need for extra help. This rushed hiring process can hurt a company in the future because they didn’t take the time to vet all candidates and hire the best one. To avoid this, always be on the lookout for skilled workers and don’t wait until the last minute to hire new people.

Hiring highly skilled workers is very important in the construction business because the quality of a project is reflected upon the quality of the workers who made it. In order to create a great project, you need workers that are just as great. Learning how to find skilled construction workers is a process of trial and error. The more you reinforce these tips, the higher chance you have of finding a proper candidate for the job.


Tip 4 – Improve interview skills


When interviewing a potential candidate for a position, it is important that you ask the right questions. Important questions such as “what would you do in this situation?” or “what would you do if you were to receive negative feedback?” are great ways to assess a candidates ability to adapt to a real-life situation in the construction workspace.

As an interviewer, you want to remain unbiased and avoid guiding candidates to an answer you desire. Some candidates have the ability to sense the answers an interviewer wants to hear and will change their original answers in order to impress them. Staying unbiased reduces the likelihood that this will happen and increases your chances of hiring a candidate that genuinely fits your wants and needs.


Tip 5 – Utilize all outreach possible


From newspaper ads to social media ads, there are many ways a company can find potential workers. A company that puts ads on social media, goes to job fairs, and visits schools will have a much higher success rate than a company that only utilizes social media. The more a company reaches out to people, the more success it will have in finding potential candidates for their hiring position. In order to maximize your outreach success, you have to understand your target audience and market your company in a way that will grab their attention.

Construction companies that don’t build relationships with local schools don’t know how to find skilled construction workers. Schools, especially trade schools that focus on construction, produce some of the best candidates for construction companies.




Learning how to find skilled construction workers takes practice. It can be difficult at first, but by putting the tips above into practice you can drastically increase the number of highly skilled construction workers you have working for your company.