Integrated Labor Delivery Consortium

eSUB Leads the Consortium for Integrated Labor Delivery to Strengthen the Alignment of Trade Contractors with Owners, Designers, and General Contractors

eSUB Construction Software, a construction technology partner exclusively focused on developing field data collection and operation tools for trade contractors, is instituting the Consortium for Integrated Labor Delivery (ILD). The mission of the ILD Consortium is to drive change in the fragmented construction process through closer alignment of trade contractors directly with owners and designers to improve labor productivity, collaboration, and transparency.

Disjointed interests among various stakeholders create roadblocks to collaboration and hinder project delivery. When communication roadblocks and data siloes exist between stakeholders, the project suffers through rework, loss of productivity, and delays. Obviously, there needs to be a fundamental change to project delivery to move the needle in delivering high-quality projects faster with less rework.

“It has been an exciting few months discussing Integrated Labor Delivery at various industry events,” says Wendy Rogers, President and CEO of eSUB Construction Software. “The reception has been overwhelmingly positive from all stakeholders because everyone recognizes that the current process is broken. While technology is valuable and offers new ways of collaborating and improving productivity, all we are doing is infusing technology into a broken process. The Consortium for ILD is about changing the process and opening up the avenues of collaboration to uncover innovative ways that trade contractors can deliver value directly to a project.”

Under the guiding principles of Design-Build, Lean Construction, and Integrated Project Delivery, ILD starts with the premise that the delivery of labor from the key trades actually begins at the preconstruction and design phase. Utilizing the input from the trade contractors, design and constructability are aligned to facilitate a streamlined process from design, fabrication, construction, and operations.

The inaugural meeting of the Consortium for Integrated Labor Delivery will take place on Tuesday, November 13 from 8 AM to 10 AM during Autodesk University.

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