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What is Construction File Management and Why You Need It

What is Construction File Management and Why You Need It


When it comes to file management, subcontractors often spend countless hours struggling to maintain a workable system. From construction files to plans to models, the documents never end! Thankfully, there is a quick and easy solution to solve your woes. Most of the pain of juggling documents comes from the use of multiple systems. When documents are being marked up over email, through an application and manually, problems are bound to occur. Often, you’ll end up working off an outdated plan unknowingly and waste hours operating off of it. Trying to upload and download documents into different applications can also lead to different documents floating around.


So, what is the solution?


Software file management! With technology advancements, you can now implement file management solutions, so you never have to waste countless hours searching or even recovering files again.


Why do you need it?


No more uploading and downloading into different applications

With a cloud-based software solution, you no longer have to worry about locating files or file format compatibility. Everything is in one application that allows workers to edit and markup documents in real-time. This ensures that you are all working on the most current file and eliminates rework and unnecessary costs!


Instant access to the information you need

File management software allows you access key information fast! This means no more waiting around for documents or details.


Every type of document you could ever need

File management software offers you access to every type of document or file you could ever need. From bidding & contract documents to change orders to payment requests, you have all of your important files in one secure place.


Keeps workers accountable

Construction file management software captures all data over the course of your project and properly organized within categories you need for your type of construction business. This means that if someone messes up, you can track them down and hold them accountable.  It also protects your firm if a third party questions your team’s performance on a specific aspect of the build.


Streamlines file management

There is no longer a need to hire someone for naming files. With software, it does the job for you!  You set the requirements ahead of time.


Eliminates risks

File management software drastically lessens the risk associated with multiple copies floating around. Many software applications offer notification settings so that you can be notified when someone edits the document you’re working on. This keeps you on top of what’s happening at all times!


As you can see, software is the answer to all your current file management problems. The solution is one easy application away, so stop waiting around! Trust me; you won’t regret it.



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