reasons why subcontractors need to attend connect and construct at au

Connect and Construct and Autodesk University

Autodesk University, the conference for designers, builders, and makers, is right around the corner. Over four days, from Monday, Nov. 18 – Thursday, Nov. 21, there are over 900 sessions and activities for individuals to choose from the agenda. Because Autodesk University spans across manufacturing, media & entertainment, and across the entire architecture, engineering, and construction, eSUB has developed a list of sessions that are CAN’T-MISS sessions for trade contractors in support of the #PowerToTheTrades movement.

Connect and Construct – Monday, November 18

Coonect & Construct


CCS323588 – Millennial Myths Debunked: Overcoming Generational Biases and Embracing Diversity (9:15 AM – 10:15 AM)

Millennials are the largest generation in the US labor force, and current generational biases are holding organizations back. The IronMan of IT Jeff Sample leads this forward-thinking talk on how working, nurturing, and managing groups of people with different backgrounds and perspectives foster diversity of thoughts that can lead to transformative and innovative changes in your organization.

CCS332191 – Connect & Construct Keynote (11 AM – 1:15 PM) 

How many times have you heard that data is the new oil in construction? There can be no better fit for a keynote speaker that Billy Beane, the Executive VP of Baseball Operations for Oakland Athletics. Beane shattered traditional MLB beliefs that big payrolls equated wins by implementing a statistical methodology now known as the “Moneyball” philosophy. We can’t wait to hear how this philosophy can positively impact construction.

CCS323269 – Design to Delivery: A Digital Tale in BIM 360 (3:30 PM – 4:30 PM) 

The steps from conception to design to construction to handover form quite a fragmented process. Not only are people coming and going, stakeholders changing, and risk shifting throughout the process, but the tech stack supporting the process is fragmented, creating data silos and interoperability gaps.

Following on the heels of the construction keynote with Billy Beane, Wendy Rogers, president and CEO of eSUB, and The IronMan of IT Jeff Sample lead this interactive session on the value of design-driven data-centered workflow and the importance of early alignment of all stakeholders including suppliers and trade contractors.


CCS323745 – Fabrication Closing Keynote & Autodesk Product Strategy Roadmap (6:00 PM)

We know it’s going to be hard to compete with the Welcome Reception, but if you are an MEP or do any fabrication, you can’t miss this session. Brian Helm, President of the MCAA and CEO of Mechanical Inc. and its corporate parent, the Helm Group – one of the largest plumbing and HVAC contractors in the Midwest, will be the keynote speaker. This talk is going to be about the future of the construction industry – Design for Manufacturing and Assembly, modular construction, and digitization.


Autodesk University – Tuesday, November 19

CS323633 – Implementing Integrated Platforms—BIM 360 Integration Partners (8:00 AM – 9:00 AM)

With so many different solutions in the construction technology marketplace, software integrations are critical to reducing duplicate work. Our IronMan of IT Jeff Sample joins Josh Cheney, Industry Manager – Construction Technology for Autodesk, on this panel on the importance of connecting multiple lines of business platforms.


CS322762 – Women in BIM: A panel discussion on the importance of diversity in the construction technology space  (2:45 PM – 3:45 PM)

Women are making a strong impact in construction, and this session focuses on the Women in BIM and showcases their dynamic contributions. The group has grown to over 800 members, so this will be a very packed session!


CS323669 – The Gamification of Project Delivery Standards (4:30 PM – 5:30 PM)

Can implementing elements of game-playing make us more productive or help us communicate more effectively? The heavy hitters of construction disruption lead this panel to discuss how to define and implement project delivery standards in more engaging and enjoyable ways with the help of a construction data exchange (CDX) playbook. The Construction Progress Coalition is a non-profit organization focused on defining project delivery standards through a common data exchange.

Autodesk University – Wednesday, November 20

CS324046 – VDC Manager’s Approach to Staying in their Lane While Taking to the Skies (10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

What’s a construction technology conference without talking about drones? In this session, Joel Jacobson, and his 3+ years of managing Drone deployment on large-scale Mortenson projects. He will share his unique approach to partnering with industry experts such as Dustin Williams of FlywheelAEC to deliver enhanced project awareness and improved communication across the entire Las Vegas Stadium project team. Joel and Dustin will share and discuss best practices, future outlook observed within the industry, and will demonstrate the lessons learned and data visualizations produced as a result of effective planning and coordination.


CS322927 – Creating a Forward-Thinking Technology Culture (2:45 PM – 3:45 PM)

To meet construction demand, the industry needs more people devoted to technology. How do you become the person in your company who challenges processes, researches new tools, and pushes innovation? Perspectives provided by an industry association, a trade contractor, and a union training center are working together to address this issue.


319688 – Intelligent Automation and Connected Worlds (3 PM – 4 PM)

Explore the connection between the digital models and constructed reality. Learn how to reduce wasteful feedback cycles between BIM and the field and how robots are changing the game in construction.

  • Robots, Robots Everywhere – Jeff Sample, IronMan of IT
  • Using Robotics to Close the Loop between BIM and the Field – Tessa Lau, Dusty Robotics and Joel Jacobson, Mortenson Construction
  • Bridging the Gap: On-Site Construction Robots Bring Better Progress Monitoring – Stuart Maggs, Scaled Robotics
  • A DogBot that can go anywhere – Greg Epps, React Robotics


Autodesk University – Thursday, November 21

The Expo (10 AM – 3 PM)

Don’t leave AU without stopping by The Expo, the place to explore the technologies and tools that can complement your Autodesk software. In Booth CON216, visit eSUB Construction Software, an Autodesk Forge Fund investment. eSUB delivers a field data collection and operational platform for trade contractors to improve field-to-office communication, track labor productivity, and streamline back-office efficiency. Offering the flexibility that trade contractors need when working with different General Contractors, eSUB leverages BIM 360 and PlanGrid for integrated drawing management. Users can attach any BIM 360 sheet or PlanGrid snapshot to an eSUB document for comprehensive document control.

Map to eSUB Booth at Autodesk University

The Connect and Construct Summit and Autodesk University have so much to offer in terms of ongoing learning and professional development. The most crucial aspect of AU, similar to any conference, is networking. AU brings together like-minded construction professionals focused on delivering #powertotothetrades. We can’t wait to connect and see you at AU!