Cleaning Up the Jobsite in an Efficient Manner

Cleaning Up the Jobsite in an Efficient Manner


Maintaining the proper order of your jobsite is a great way to become more efficient and improve the safety of your staff and customers, and boost public relations. This means that you have to implement a specific system that involves clean up after a job request, recycling and disposal of used roofing materials, and moving and proper storage of construction tools and materials.


A good system should be well-planned, coordinated, and executed. It should involve the management and everyone on the job site. Here are some tips on how to clean up the jobsite in an efficient manner.


Follow the simple principle of “there should be a place for everything and everything should be in its place.”

The company management should brief all job site workers about the rules, proper use, and storage of tools and materials they are going to use at the construction site. When executed properly, it will provide a very orderly system, promotes a clean and accident-free job site, and keep all workers safe from the hazards of the job including materials such as debris, combustibles, and sharp tools.


Stay organized

Once you have established a system, it is best to stay on top of it and be organized. Lay out all the necessary materials before starting the job order to avoid excessive work and to make clean up easier after the day. Also, staying organized on the job site is great for public relations especially when customers come to check in on the progress of their job order.


When is the best time to clean up?

The ideal time to clean up is immediately after the job is done and debris has been installed. This will prevent accidents such as slipping, tripping over materials, and getting injured by sharp objects such as protruding nails or lumber. Do not allow non-workers on the job site until everything has been cleaned up. Some safety rules to include are the following:


— Bend, hammer in, or remove sharp objects such as nails and protruding scraps of wood at the end of the day even if the job order is not done yet. Bend or cap any exposed steel ends to avoid accidents and continue work the next day.


— Jobsite workers should not take off their protective gear until the job site has been cleaned.


— Pick-up trash and fallen debris and place them in trash bins or proper container.


— There should be a person in charge to check if clean up was done properly and orderly.




Waste Management and Disposal

Proper waste management and disposal should be implemented as part of the system. Some guideline should include:


— Trash bins and recycling container should be placed all over the job site.


— Each trash bins should be properly labeled for waste segregation. This allows people who collect the trash handle the waste properly. It is also for their safety.


— Waste containers should be sealed tightly to avoid spillage, evaporation of oils and paints, and contamination.


— Ensure that the disposal of all waste and debris follows the rules, regulations, and local codes of the community.


— Waste should never be disposed into sewers to avoid clogging.


— Consider a junk removal company that practices recycling and sustainability.


Have a quick daily meeting

A quick pep talk or a short daily meeting before starting a new workday is worth investing time for to let the workers know what they need to work on, the amount of finished work expected at the end of the day, and to remind them of the cleanup system you have established.


Ensure that workers are well-compensated

If you are running a roofing contractor company and you hire sub-contractors to make the job easier and faster, make sure that you pay them in a timely manner as well once the job has been completed. People are more likely to come to your rescue once again when you need more sub-contractor to finish a rush job. Not only that, it will also ensure that they keep the system running smoothly and get the job done.


These tips are very useful when you are running a roofing company. Once carried out properly, the system will run like a well-oiled machine and you will gain more profit from satisfied customers.