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5 Benefits of Using Best Plumbing Business Software

A major part of success in any business is always trying to get more return on investment. When you decide to commit business funds to a certain addition or component, your end goal should be to ultimately get out more than you put in. For example, if you hire a new member of your sales/marketing team, you’re going to pay money for not just their salary, but also their benefits and other costs associated with onboarding. However, if they bring in enough new business, that’s well worth it.

One of the top areas to invest in, when we talk about ROI, is software. This applies to accounting software for plumbing business or general project management. However, unlike our previous example, it may be harder to quantify how exactly plumbing business software provides a return on investment. So, if you’re still on the fence about investing in plumbing business software, here are some key benefits.

Financial/Document Management

One of the biggest reasons to look for  plumbing business software, especially for accounting, is simply to say goodbye to the paper trail. Being overly reliant on paper records makes you especially at risk for things like record damage or loss. Not to mention, something as simple as poor handwriting can make it difficult for your accounting team to effectively go through records and make calculations. When you record all of your necessary information in a virtual file directory, it’s easy for you to break down documents by time or by project, finding what you need in a few clicks. It’s difficult to put a price tag on how much time this saves you on a daily basis.

As a side note, investing in this equipment also allows you to use digital backups, which means that even if a single computer is compromised or damaged, all your essential documents will still be backed up in cloud storage.

Time Management/Logistics

The larger your plumbing business gets, the more difficult it will be to keep track of all the employees that you send out to work on jobs. This can pose a major issue for your business as it becomes more difficult to ensure quality control and efficiency from every single member of the team. However, using plumbing software can do a lot to further accountability in this area. There are quite a few reasons why:

plumbing business software
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Daily reports: At first, this may not seem particularly important, but remember, you’re doing this through virtual forms versus paper ones. This means that your home office can get information on how exactly your worksite teams are doing quickly. In addition, you can combine your daily reports with other notes in order to create a full working record on a job. This is essential both for your own improvement as well as a legal record if you have to prove something to an angry client.

Scheduling: Scheduling is essential to make sure you’re best arranging all the resources at your disposal for profit. This includes equipment, people, and general projects. In addition, by having a record of old schedules, you can provide more accurate estimates to future clients on how long certain projects will take.

Tracking: The last thing you want to do is lose a piece of equipment or fall out of contact with an employee. Plumbing contractor software makes it easier to know where everyone is at all times for both accountability and quick changes as needed. 


Sometimes, you just need to send a quick message to the office for clarification, not play a game of telephone tag. Plumber software is great for this. You can either send messages directly for questions or use the notes features to quickly add new information into the project folder for a given job. Either way, this method allows all the aspects of your business to be more interconnected than ever before.


In the modern world of plumbing, fieldwork is where a lot of the business is getting done. As a result, you want to make sure that any plumbing business software you invest in has some sort of mobile component. This gives your team the ability to record notes as well as access data/information while they are out in the field. Creating a better atmosphere of communication between all sides reduces time waste as well as physical transport that your employees need to do.

plumbing business software
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Calculating Bids

We’ve covered in the past how being able to bid correctly is essential to be profitable, especially for large-scale commercial plumbing jobs. However, it requires a lot of important information and calculations from past jobs to create an estimate. Plumbing software is an essential tool here in order to bring everything together. Take a look at your previous bid history and actual costs in order to figure out how correct you’ve been in the past. Use your calculations on equipment, labor, and other factors in order to find out exactly how much you can afford to bid while still being profitable.

Plumbing software programs have a lot to offer for your business. From making you more effective financially to being able to better communicate with your teams while they are out on the job, there are a variety of different benefits that you can take advantage of in order to support your operation. With that said, not all plumbing contractor software is created equal. You want to make sure you have something that’s easy for your entire team to work with, versatile enough to handle different needs, and easy to integrate into your existing operations.

Options like eSUB tick all of these boxes, and then some. By implementing our revolutionary construction management software, you can take advantage of all the benefits we’ve been talking about so far for your next plumbing project. 

FAQs: Benefits of Using Plumbing Business Software

1. Why should I invest in plumbing business software?

  • Investing in plumbing business software offers numerous benefits, including improved financial and document management, enhanced time management and logistics, streamlined communication, increased portability, and accurate bid calculations. It can help your business become more efficient, profitable, and organized.

2. How does plumbing business software improve financial and document management?

  • Plumbing software eliminates the need for paper records, reducing the risk of damage or loss. It allows you to organize documents digitally, making it easy to access and search for specific information. Digital backups also ensure the safety of your essential documents.

3. How can plumbing software help with time management and logistics?

  • Plumbing software provides tools for daily reporting, enabling you to track the progress of your teams and jobs efficiently. It helps with scheduling, ensuring optimal resource allocation and more accurate project duration estimates. Additionally, it allows for real-time tracking of employees and equipment for better accountability and quick adjustments.

4. What role does communication play in plumbing software?

  • Plumbing software facilitates quick and efficient communication within your team. You can send messages directly or use notes features to add information to project folders, promoting better connectivity and reducing communication delays.

5. Why is portability important in plumbing business software?

  • Portability is crucial because much of the plumbing work takes place in the field. A good plumbing software should have a mobile component that allows your team to record notes and access data while working in the field. This enhances communication and reduces the need for physical data transport.

6. How can plumbing software assist in calculating bids?

  • Accurate bidding is essential for profitability, especially in large-scale commercial plumbing projects. Plumbing software helps by consolidating bid history and actual costs from past jobs. It uses calculations on equipment, labor, and other factors to determine competitive yet profitable bid amounts.

7. What should I look for in plumbing business software?

  • When choosing plumbing software, consider factors like ease of use for your team, versatility to handle various needs, and compatibility with your existing operations. Options like eSUB offer comprehensive construction management software that meets these criteria and more, improving your plumbing business’s efficiency and effectiveness.