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7 Ways Small Construction Companies Can Benefit from Contractor Software

7 Ways Small Construction Companies Can Benefit from Contractor Software


Contractor software might seem like something only for large construction firms. It can be expensive or include features you don’t need while not having features you do. Fortunately, the market is changing and more contractor software companies are setting up for smaller business. They’re tailoring their software or allowing customers to configure the software to small business’s needs. Making it so there are ways that your small business can benefit from using technology to solve real business problems.


Document Control

One of the big benefits of contractor software is document control. Contractor software will have a way of storing and managing documents that work for you. Plus, the documents are stored in the cloud or on a server. If you need to see a specific document you can search and retrieve the file easily and on any device. When you use paper or print your documents, you have to store the documents carefully. They’re subject to weather and human error. Things can get lost or destroyed, but with contractor software, you have the documents stored in one safe place.


Integration with Software

Most contractor software can integrate with other software that you’re already using. By integrating with your other apps you can save time. You won’t have to worry about manually inputting your information in the contractor software into your accounting or billing software. So you don’t have to worry about getting sidetracked or taking more time to load documents. Some contractor software also integrates with your email and other communications. This way it can save all communications related to a project, in that project folder. This helps you have a clear record of payment, communications, and documents in one place.


Real-time Tracking

Contractor software will help your small business because it will help you keep real-time data on projects. Whether through requests for information, field notes, or photos, you can keep track of your projects and how they’re doing. You can use the real-time data to figure out what a project needs or if overtime will be necessary at this stage of the project. The information gathered won’t just help you with the current project and planning for that, it will help you with future projects. You can use the data you gather to better estimate future projects.


Jobsite & Field Management

Along with real-time tracking, you can use contractor software to manage your field or job sites. Software that has a mobile platform allows you and your team to document things as they come up with either pictures or notes. Contractor software should allow you to create filed notes, RFI’s, change orders, and other documents from the site. Then those in the back office can view and submit those to whoever need them. And when a decision gets made, it will be instantly connected to the field, letting them know their next steps.



Contractor software usually will include scheduling software. The scheduling software allows you to see a project’s status and who is working on it. It will allow you to know what a project’s status is at any given moment with the real-time tracking. You will have the ability to make and adjust schedules at the end of the day. You can build project schedules and see how they’re working on the project, adjusting as needed. And even ensure that the proper equipment and people will be at the site. Using a scheduling software will increase your productivity and professionalism.


Project Management

It should also have some sort of project management feature to integrate these various pieces into your projects. You can create a project file in a project management module and then have each piece stored in that project. From the schedule to field notes and payroll, project management software keeps it all in one place. If you need to find something you’ll be able to easily pull it up. You will also be able to see company overviews to see how people and equipment are scheduled in order to better plan for your projects. Project management in contractor software acts as a multitool for your business.


Record of Work

Another benefit from contractor software is the record of work. Contractor software helps to store all your document which can be easily pulled from. The software stores everything in one place so you can easily share it amongst people you choose. Because it can be easily shared, shareholders and customers will know what’s gone on for their project since they hired your business. This record of work also protects you and your business, because everything is stored in one place.



There are many benefits to contractor software for your small business. And with the construction software firms tailoring their software to your needs there aren’t many reasons why you shouldn’t invest in it. You’ll be able to see the return on your investment.



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