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6 Construction Industry Myths that Hold No Truth

6 Construction Industry Myths that Hold No Truth


As with most industries, there are common misconceptions held by people on the outside looking in. It can be very easy to stereotype a career if you’ve never actually experienced working within a certain industry. When it comes to the construction industry, this is especially true.


Below I will delve into the most common construction industry myths that we hear.


Anyone can get a job in construction

This myth could not be further from the truth! Construction workers are often extremely skilled and specialized workers. Many attended college or an apprenticeship program to learn the skills needed for their trade. In fact, construction puts a large emphasis on continual training and learning so that employees always stay up to date. This training is often in the form of professional workshops, seminars, safety classes, and construction technology conferences. For those who want to hold a management role in the construction industry, it is exceptionally competitive. A college degree and technical training are almost always required for these higher positions, making it quite difficult to secure these job roles.


Women don’t work in construction

Many people claim that construction is an industry for men, but this is not true at all though! While construction is made up of more men than women, there is still a lot of women working within the industry. In fact, over 300,000 women work in construction in many different roles!


Working in construction is dangerous

While working in construction can be hazardous, there are currently strict safety regulations and standards that make the construction industry safer than ever before. In the past, there were a large number of work fatalities in construction. With all of the new regulations though, fatal work injuries have steadily decreased every year. Some of the notable safety advancements include built-in safety features on tools and equipment, more training and safety meetings, and an emphasis on risk management plans.


There is no way to become successful in construction

The construction industry is huge and offers enormous opportunity. With so many different building opportunities ranging from hotels to homes to skyscrapers, there are many opportunities for success. In fact, the median salary for a construction project manager is around $82,790. And that’s only a starting point! If you work hard, you can make a very decent living and work your way to the top. Just like with any industry, your skills and work ethic will determine how far you go.


Construction isn’t for college graduates

This is completely false. While not all roles within construction require a college degree, there are many opportunities for those who do have one. For those who want to pursue a management role such as a project manager, a degree is especially useful. Graduates will see that there are many fantastic opportunities for them within the construction industry.


Construction is not good for the environment

While construction may not have been environmentally friendly in the past, it now puts a huge emphasis on green building. Most if not all modern buildings are designed and built in an environmentally-friendly manner. The construction industry recognizes the importance of protecting the environment and has concentrated its efforts towards building as green as possible.


As you can see, there are many misconceptions about the construction industry that simply aren’t true. So, the next time someone claims something about construction think twice before believing it!



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