6 Best Commercial Flooring Choices: The Pros and Cons of Each

6 Best Commercial Flooring Choices: The Pros and Cons of Each

With so many available products on the market, it’s easier to choose the right commercial flooring option for a project. The location, project use, and more can determine which is the best option. But this list of commercial flooring options showcases some of the best options on the market.

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Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate wood flooring is a popular choice. It’s very easy to install and maintain, especially when compared to hardwood floors. It has the added benefits of being very hygienic and durable. Laminate commercial flooring can also be commonly found in LEED-certified buildings. It also tends to be less expensive than hardwood flooring and other options. The wood in laminate commercial flooring is made from composite wood with an overlaying hardwood image. The one con of laminate wood flooring is repairing. It isn’t easy to repair at all, sometimes boards can be replaced but early types would involve the entire floor being replaced.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring is becoming more popular in commercial flooring. The benefit of engineered hardwood flooring is its ease of installation and lower cost. Since it is a small slice of hardwood over high-quality plywood, it’s cheaper than solid wood but it’s more expensive than most other flooring options. It does have fewer choices in colors and styles, but it is very durable and easy to install. This is found more often in higher-end office buildings. Since it uses less wood than traditional solid wood flooring, it is a more environmentally friendly commercial flooring option.

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Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring isn’t a common commercial flooring, except in converted spaces. However, that doesn’t make it a good option for some commercial spaces. The problem with solid wood flooring is the installation process. It can take a while to install traditional wood flooring; however, it is more durable than most other types of commercial flooring. Places where there will be a lot of potential moisture, like entrances or bathrooms. Solid wood flooring is also hard to install and can be expensive. These factors must be weighed when considering which choice is best for the project.

Vinyl Composite Tile

Vinyl composite tile is commonly used as commercial flooring due to its value durability. VCT is also easily replaceable which allows damaged tiles to be replaced quickly and easily. One of the downsides of VCT commercial flooring is that the glue on tiles can come loose. When the glue comes loose the tiles can lift off around the corners. And the surface does eventually wear down which causes issues for cleaning and color deterioration. However, between the cost and the ease of installation, it can be a great choice for businesses.

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Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile is vinyl tile that looks more luxurious. The tile commercial flooring tends to have the look of natural materials such as wood or marble. It is, in fact, a hard surface flooring that uses 100% vinyl compared to VCT. Luxury vinyl tile has a clear layer over the top which helps to keep the print on the tile. Unlike VCT, luxury vinyl tile actually costs less to maintain. Since it has the protective layer, luxury vinyl tile doesn’t need a sealant to be reapplied or stripped away. This is why luxury vinyl tile is a great commercial flooring choice.

Modular Carpet Tiles

For those interested in carpet for commercial flooring, there are a couple of options. Some choose broadloom carpet, while others choose modular carpet tiles. Modular carpet tiles offer more options in commercial flooring. Since they are tiles, the installation is easier and it offers consumers the ability to choose patterns and styles that fit their commercial flooring needs. Modular carpet tiles use vinyl backing which makes them harder to unravel. And the adhesive currently used help the tiles stay in place longer, making them a better commercial flooring option than broadloom carpet. However, it’s very easy to tell if the carpet tiles were installed incorrectly.

This lists some of the best commercial flooring options on the market. The project, use, location, and more can determine which option is the best. However, this list can help you get started.