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The Benefits of Using Demountable Walls

As office spaces continue to evolve, so do the tools used to create them. Demountable walls are excellent ways to create privacy, maintain space flexibility, integrate technology, and leverage sustainability, all while creating a more productive work environment. If you’re constructing an office space, here’s why you should consider using demountable walls.

What are Demountable Walls?

Demountable walls are movable partitions or architectural products used to construct and separate indoor spaces. These are most commonly used in office settings where large open floor plans require more organization and privacy. To be considered a moveable and demountable wall, it must extend to the office space’s full height. What makes these walls demountable is that they can be easily disassembled, moved, and then reassembled in any environment. 

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There are also several different types of demountable walls. These movable partitions can vary in size, length, function, and material, but the two main system types are unitized and modular. Unitized wall systems emphasize ease-of-use. These are typically prefabricated panels or units that require only basic assembly. These are the ideal system for an office space looking to maneuver and alter its spaces relatively frequently because they can be detached and reorganized in a short period. 

Modular systems, on the other hand, are a higher quality surface that usually requires on-site labor to assist in assembly. The companies that produce these systems offer a slew of customizations in size, material, and design. This makes them more expensive but also more effective in satisfying project outcomes desired by office owners.

If you are hired to contract a commercial office, no matter the business’s size, you should consider the use of demountable walls. In most cases, the owners or project managers will bring up demountable walls as part of their initial project outlines. Listed below are some of the many reasons why you should incorporate demountable walls into your next office construction assignment.

Benefits of Demountable Walls

Upgraded Privacy

One of the problems plaguing many modern office spaces is the drawbacks of the open concept layout. These can result in extremely large and loud environments that hinder focus and have less privacy to hold important meetings or conversations. Dividing the space into individualized offices or meeting rooms can be an excellent way to improve the privacy of client interactions while also reducing general sound production. Also, Glass walls provide great acoustics and can even be tempered with film to provide additional visual privacy. Don’t want to distract others? Don’t want to get distracted? These are the simplest methods of achieving tranquility and privacy in an office space at the same time.  

Demountable Walls
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Provide Additional Flexibility

Whether it is looking to grow or stay stagnant in size, any business wants to be able to implement change. Demountable walls are the perfect way to provide office space flexibility. If the project client is looking to create an environment that can be reorganized with the growth of its staff, then demountable walls should be your first option. 

Suppose an employee is promoted and requires an office for client meetings. By using demountable walls, you can restructure the space without interfering with electrical, insulation, or drywall destruction and construction. These partitions can be quickly maneuvered and re-installed, saving the office space from being shut down for days on end due to renovation.


In addition to being fast and easy-to-install, demountable walls can be detached, moved, and reconfigured without the production of dust. No drywall means no dust that could disturb or negatively impact employees with dust irritations. Save money on clean up costs by choosing demountable partitions over traditional walls.

Save Money

This is one of the most attractive features of demountable walls. Not only are these walls less expensive in terms of materials, but they are also much less costly when it comes to installation, reconfiguration, and cleaning. Being able to easily move walls and partitions without the need for specialty contractors is a huge reduction in costs. Time is just as expensive as materials. With demountable walls, you can save time, save money on material costs, and adjust to changing layout drawings without expensive consequences.

As much mentioned above, demountable wall reconfiguration is a dustless process. Cleaning costs can always be a silent cost that sneaks up on a project as it is completed. If you can save more for the construction team and the client, why not use demountable walls? 


There are many reasons to care about sustainability. For some businesses, or property owners, it is to achieve tax credits or specific environmental certifications; for others, it can be tied to organizational objectives or a company mission statement. In any case, if your project requires you to hit certain environmentally conscious standards, then you will want to heavily consider incorporating demountable walls or partitions.

Variety of Styles

As a contractor or project manager, your goal is often more centered on execution and efficiency, as opposed to aesthetics. But more often than not, this can be a big deal-breaker for the client. Having access to a variety of different styles is extremely important for projects that require specific aesthetic visions. The ability to lock in floor layouts without the added pressure of acquiring additional labor or materials is a huge benefit and a huge saver of time. 

Final Thoughts

As office spaces change due to remote work popularity and evolving employee demands, architectural flexibility becomes a greater and greater asset. Demountable walls are excellent for creating adjustable spaces that can affordably divide and separate office space. They offer tons of stylish ways to maintain office privacy, accommodate employee needs, and reduce the building’s environmental impact. Like demountable walls themselves, eSUB is an excellent tool for increasing project flexibility and managing teams. With its cloud-based construction project management software, eSUB is re-defining how construction is completed in the modern world.