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5 Ways Job Site Time Clock Apps Increase Onsite and Offsite Efficiency

5 Ways Job Site Time Clock Apps Increase Onsite and Offsite Efficiency


Tracking hours worked by employees is not always an easy task. Today, many companies designate the task of logging hours directly to their employees. While we’d all like to hope that workers are recording their hours accurately, this is not always the case. When remote or field workers record additional hours that they aren’t working, they are participating in time theft. This issue affects almost every industry and is especially prevalent in the construction field. So, how do we reduce time fraud? The answer is time clock apps! By implementing time clock apps, construction companies can track their workers easier than ever before. With this type of system in place, you can ensure the honesty of your employees and increase onsite and offsite efficiency. Time card apps

To better understand the importance of time clock apps, let’s take a look at a few specific ways that it increases efficiency on and off the construction site.

Fewer Errors!

By implementing a time clock application, you can integrate and sync with your payroll software. This means no more entering data, such as hours, overtime, breaks, or vacation time by hand! When it comes to calculating paychecks, this makes the process much quicker, easier and less prone to errors.


Decrease Wasted Time

No matter how productive you are as a company, there are always areas where time is wasted. By implementing a time clock app, you can discover the areas that need improvement. Whether its an unnecessary number of meetings a week, long lunches, or personal conversations with co-workers, a time clock app can help identify the issue and help you to eliminate it.


Better Accountability

Time clock apps give you the peace of mind knowing your workers are where they say they are. With GPS enabled tracking, you can see exactly where workers are, what task they are working on, when they arrived, and when they left. The built-in GPS has features that only allow workers to log hours while they are physically at the site so they can’t go back and try to log additional hours later. This keeps your workers accountable at all times!


Improved Motivation and Productivity

Due to the GPS features, workers will be more motivated to work hard and efficiently. They will know that they are on the clock and therefore must get their work done. In the end, this increases work focus and productivity.


Reduce Costs

By utilizing a time clock app, you essentially streamline the entire time system process. This results in a reduction of labor costs, paper costs, administration costs, error costs and much more.


With so many construction team members working out in the field every day, monitoring activity and hours can be extremely difficult. While we can’t be with our workers every second of every day, time tracking solutions can help do that job for us. By implementing a time clock application, your construction company will not only increase accuracy but will also improve efficiency as well.