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5 Ways Concrete Construction Software can help Subcontractors

5 Ways Concrete Construction Software can help Subcontractors

While the construction industry may have struggled in the past decade, these hard economic times are now over. The future looks extremely promising and it’s expected to grow around 6% this year alone. With the construction demand steadily growing, concrete subcontractors need to start looking at tools that will help them succeed and set them apart from other subcontracting companies.

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Below, I will outline several key benefits of implementing concrete construction software in your concrete business.

No More Paperwork

Filling out paperwork is one of those tasks you have to do when working within the business industry. At least that’s what everyone thinks right? Well, what if I told you-you don’t have to deal with those pesky paper forms and timely administrative tasks anymore? Construction software such eSUB gets rid of inefficient paperwork processes and streamlines all your documents into one place. All you have to do is simply press a few buttons on your mobile application and your paperwork is done! Even better, it is more reliable because it is stored in the cloud. This means no more worrying about losing or damaging physical forms. Another major benefit is the increased accuracy of mobile application forms. Cloud-based software ensures that all necessary information is collected which prevents any problems down the line.

Increased Safety

It’s no secret that the construction job site poses many potential hazards to workers. In fact, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, over 10% of the 250,000 workers employed by the concrete industry have experienced work injuries or death. While this may seem discouraging, there are various ways to increase safety through mobile construction software. The software offers several safety features such as reminders that can be sent out instantly to workers in the field. If a manager has concerns over certain safety issues they can communicate in real time with their employees. This gets messages across quickly and lessens potential safety risks. Another key feature that enhances safety is the mobile forms on construction software applications. As a manager, you can require employees to fill out all parts before leaving the job site. This could include questions regarding safety procedures and security issues. These required fields can increase precision and attentiveness making the construction site a safer place for everyone.

Better Communication

As mentioned above, mobile construction software offers complete streamlined communication. With instant messaging and special features that allow you to share information in real time, communication is easier and more reliable for everyone on your team. This eliminates any phone tag or delayed responses which not only improves response time but work productivity at well!

Profit Protection

A major benefit of concrete construction software is its GPS location tracking which enables project managers to track and monitor where their employees are at all times. This promotes responsibility and accountability at the workplace because workers know that their manager can view their whereabouts at any given time. This also promotes profit protection because workers cannot forge their hours. As a manager, you can require that an employee is on site when they check in and input their hours. This means more productivity and more profit protection for your concrete construction business.

A Leg Up on the Competition

As a concrete subcontractor, you are bound to face competition for certain job bids. Mobile construction software gives you the leg up you need to surpass your competition. Implementing software into your concrete business shows project managers that you are tech-savvy and ready to take on any project.

As you can see, the mobile software offers numerous benefits for you, your business, and your workers. If any of these issues are affecting your construction business, consider implementing a software such as eSUB. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

How eSUB Can Help

eSUB is a cloud-based project management platform built especially for subcontractors. eSUB organizes all of your project information in one place, allows for smooth collaboration, and streamlines communication through its intuitive interface. It also works on your mobile, so you can track projects on the go—no matter where or when—and stay up-to-date.