5 Tips for Delivering On Time Construction Projects

5 Tips for Delivering On Time Construction Projects

Construction is a complex process, involving numerous activities and participants in order to ensure on time construction project delivery. The requisite tasks and responsibilities of the owner, architects, contractors, and subcontractors aren’t always in sync. The exact process and delivery are different unless one of them wears multiple hardhats. However, that doesn’t mean that a company can’t deliver on time construction project. Here are 5 types in order to ensure the completion of the project in a timely manner.

Time is Money

Time is critical for all participants in the construction process, including lenders, owners, architects, contractors, and subcontractors. Knowing the contracted time and change provisions is crucial to avoiding and minimizing time and cost overruns. Participants can guarantee success in projects if they can watch out for the signs of a potential delay.

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Signs of a Delay

A delay in construction is an event that causes a period of time where scheduled activities aren’t completed. When weather or something creates a delay, projects tend to fall off schedule and can even become rushed. Project managers contract the contractors to finish the work in a set period of time. The time extensions can result in a fine, termination, court cases, and more that can be a drain on resources for all involved. If all participants know the signs of delay, techniques to lessen the impact of delay, and scheduling techniques to prevent delay they should be prepared.

Whenever a delay occurs, timely action and attention from the construction manager or owner is required. They must identify the cause of the delay quickly in order to develop and implement an action plan to correct it. Using field notes and other reports, a construction manager can reassemble the pieces to understand what happened for the project to end up delay. Once they know the cause they can formulate a clear plan to ensure the project ends up back on track.

Tips to Establish On Time Construction Project Completion

1. Contract

The contract usually contains all of the project details. This is where people will find the project timeline and budget. It’s also the place to establish a clear expectation for the project. Such as, who is responsible for planning, who will build it, and who is managing the project. These people could be different depending on the category. When the participants have a clear chain of command and understanding of their responsibilities, it will help maintain an on time construction project.

2. Scheduling

The construction project manager should gather the all parties directly working on the project in order to establish a schedule. Their bids list the time frame a contractor needs in order to complete the work. But the project manager must fit it into the grand schedule. By gathering everyone together, it’s easier to work out when deliveries need to be there, how many people are needed, and who should be on site. Knowing the schedule and building some padding into the schedule is a good way to ensure on time construction.

3. Review the Schedule

To ensure on time construction, it’s important to review the schedule on a regular basis. Project managers should use field notes, project notes, and conversations with the subcontractors and contractors to understand where the project is on the timeline. By regularly checking whether it’s on target and rate of completion of the project, it’s easier to identify potential delays and develop a plan to mitigate it. The project manager then can use the information they gather at the meeting to determine any changes to the schedule. If there is a clear.

4. Procedures and Training

In construction, everyone should know what the procedures are in order to ensure the completion of projects in a timely manner. Procedures for on time construction should cover what could cause a delay, what to do if there might be a delay and ways to recover from a delay. Once these are established then the people involved must be trained. By establishing procedures and ensuring everyone involved is trained on them, it will be easier to maintain on time construction projects.

5. Document

Documentation and communication are key to ensuring on time construction projects. With regular field notes and ensuring everyone involved with the project gets them, it’s easier to keep everyone informed. When everyone is informed, they know the percent completion of the project and will know if there will be a conflict or delay. This will help ensure on time construction projects in the present and futures since the notes can be used to determine patterns later.