5 Things to See in Philadelphia While at NECA This Year

5 Things to See in Philadelphia While at NECA This Year

The annual NECA conference is in Philadelphia this year. If you’re an electrical contractor looking for a reason to see Philadelphia, we’ve got several. Here are some fantastic things you can see while you’re in Philadelphia.

Time card apps

eSUB Time

In May this year, eSUB released eSUB Time, an employee time tracking app. eSUB Time’s simple punch-in-punch-out system increases accuracy in employee time tracking. Not only can employees easily record their time, but they can quickly switch tasks and record breaks. This reduces the time the back office must spend on inputting data and increases the accuracy of that data. Office employees can leave questions or comments on timesheets for clarification, which speeds up the accounting process. With the notifications tab, employees can quickly see and respond to comments so they can be paid faster.

eSUB and Autodesk

This year at NECA eSUB will showcase its Autodesk BIM 360 integration. The eSUB and BIM 360 integration allows eSUB users to access 2D and 3D plans in BIM 360 directly from eSUB. Users are also able to attach any BIM 360 file to any eSUB document. So if there are questions about a specific part of a document, eSUB users can easily attach the file to their RFI. But it’s not just for RFIs. eSUB users can attach BIM 360 files to their Change Orders, Daily Reports, and more. This helps subcontractors collaborate with designers, owners, and general contractors from the design to the construction phase.

eSUB Swag Giveaways

eSUB has packed up some pretty cool swag for NECA this year. Along with the traditional pens and koozies, there are other great surprises for those who visit the booth. This year eSUB has a couple of giveaways planned. One of the giveaways is a custom YETI coffee tumbler. YETI’s are known for resisting dents and dings, being dishwasher safe, and keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Another giveaway will be some Carhartt hats and a Carhartt backpack. Carhartt’s durable gear is known for being water-repellant and abrasion-resistant making it great for most worksites and life.

eSUB’s Monday Happy Hour

This year at NECA, eSUB will have a Monday Happy Hour for the hardworking electrical contractors that stop by Booth #1411 between 2 pm and 4 pm. While other booths might promise beer or wine, eSUB promises to entertain with cocktails and beer. Enjoy swapping stories with fellow contractors and discuss what you need to see in a project management software. Relax and enjoy a cocktail or two while meeting other electrical contractors and the hardworking eSUB crew.

The Oldest Bar in Philadelphia

Since NECA is in Philadelphia, a historically rich city, electrical contractors can visit one of the oldest bars in America. Originally built in 1773, it was one of the original meeting places for the First Continental Congress. It was George Washington’s favorite place to go for food and ale, and he was known to entertain diplomats there. The restaurant and bar are part of the Independence National Historical Park and a great place to visit to soak in history and experience colonial culture. Who doesn’t want to grab a pint from the same bar as our Founding Fathers?

Bonus Reason

If these five reasons to visit Philadelphia and NECA this year weren’t enough to convince you, maybe free admission to the show floor can. That’s right; you can get free admission to the showroom floor when you use the EXH18 promotion code when ordering your passes. Enjoy free admission to see amazing demonstrations and industry-changing technology this year at NECA.