2018 Construction Marketing Strategy Tips

2018 Construction Marketing Strategy Tips

2018 Construction Marketing Strategy Tips

This year it’s time to review and revise your construction marketing strategy. People and businesses are relying on the internet to help research and choose companies. Which is why your construction marketing strategy has to adapt to remain competitive.

Professional Web Page

In this internet age, it’s imperative to have a professional and modern webpage. Take the time to either update your webpage or create one. Sites like WordPress and Squarespace offer free and paid websites, with custom templates to build your site. However, if you’re unsure of the process or don’t have the time you can always buy a domain name and pay a web designer to build your site for you. From your webpage, you can include photos of completed projects along with company news and other information to drive potential customers to contact you.

A professional webpage is a great start to your construction marketing strategy since it’s an important tool in the modern economy.

Ensure You’re Listed in Online Directories

It’s important to be listed in online directories like Yelp, online Yellow Pages, and similar places. Many people nowadays use sites like Yelp to find contractors and other services and to help sort through potential contractors. This is why it’s important to ensure your business is listed correctly and with accurate information. Taking the time to upload your logo, phone number, web and physical address to the directory ensures that people can contact you or see more about your business. It’s also a good way to advertise since you can post photos of completed work and have past customers leave reviews which act like referrals.


One creative construction marketing tip is using your project photos to showcase your work. Most contractors use photos to document progress on the site as well as results. With client permission, you can use those same photographs to showcase your work. This lets future clients see your finished work along and your progress on your current project. Utilizing spaces like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites, lets you post the progress photos with descriptions. So future clients know your process and how long a similar project might take.

Using Social Media

Many companies have their own social media pages, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or others. The whole point of social media for business is to connect and engage with potential and current clients. Maintaining a consistent social media presence is the first key to using social media efficiently. You do have to decide what it is that you want to post, whether it’s company news, project updates, upcoming charity work, or an easy DIY or How To article. Regardless of what you’re posting, consistency is key and something to consider adding to your construction marketing strategy. And products like Hootsuite and Buffer can manage your social media so you can schedule posts across channels, and most importantly analyze which posts resonate with your followers best. You must analyze and leverage results into future posts to effectively grow your followers on each channel.

Logos, Slogans, and More

Clothing and luxury goods companies and fast food restaurants know the importance of a logo. It’s free advertising every time someone shows off or uses their product. The same can be applied to construction. Having a unique and easily identifiable logo for your business benefits you. Because when people see the logo on a truck, social media, or sign they’ll think of your business specifically.

It’s the same with slogans. A slogan has to be able to stand alone, tells your potential clients about your business, and is timeless. Creating a slogan is an important part of branding, which helps build your reputation and people’s perception of your business. Which is why it should be important to your construction marketing strategy this year.

Gaining Recognition

A press release is a great way to get some free publicity. A good press release can convince reporters to write articles about your construction company. These articles could be shared on social media and generate a buzz about your business. If you complete a project that will benefit a community, write a short press release to generate buzz about the project and your business.

Another way to generate buzz is charity work. Take a day out of your busy construction schedule to build homes for Habitat for Humanity, or something similar. You can talk to local reporters the day before to let them know about your charity work. This generates local news about your company and generates community goodwill. And by sending a press release the day off or the next day you create even more news which is why it should be a part of your construction marketing strategy.

Your Construction Marketing Strategy

This is the year to improve and implement a marketing strategy to set you above of the competition. These tips will help you gain more customers and improve your visibility.