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The 2017 Holiday Gifts Construction Workers Want

The 2017 Holiday Gifts Construction Workers Want


This holiday season get the right construction worker gift for your friend or team. These gifts are bound to impress and delight, from stocking stuffer to the big ticket item!


Stocking Stuffers

If you are looking for a quick construction worker gift or stocking stuffer, these three items are great fairly inexpensive options!


Dual Port Car Charger

Construction workers spend a lot of time communicating with the office and traveling between jobsites, which is draining on tablet or smartphone batteries. A dual port car charger allows them to charge two devices at once while they’re on the road keeping them work ready and only $10.


Portable Rechargeable Work Lights

Technology is improving. Cordless, rechargeable work lights like the Stanley BF0109 Rechargeable BarFlex LED Work Light, can stay at full brightness for 5 or more hours on one charge and stick to various surfaces. Gone are the days of struggling to find the right battery with this nifty stocking stuffer.


Waterproof Writing

Construction sites can be a messy environment and the average pen or pencil can’t always keep up with the work. Rite in the Rain’s line of all-weather pens and mechanical pencils are a great idea since they can perform in extreme temperatures, making it a great construction worker gift and around $10.


Great Gifts

If you want to get your construction worker something a little more than a stocking stuffer, these next items are great ideas.


Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are common in most homes, they allow people to link up to their phone and play their music without worrying about storing cds or tapes or annoying ads. Bluetooth speakers are a great construction worker gift. Some, like the $35 VAVA Voom 23 Bluetooth Speaker, are weatherproof!


Tool Tote

This holiday season grab a new tool tote for your construction worker, such as the Husky 18” Tool Bag with Shoulder Strap. It’s one of the most wished-for item on Amazon, with a dual zipper top, 13 internal and 16 external pockets. It’s a great construction worker gift this season. $35 on Amazon.


Device Cases

­With the increase of mobile technology on the job site, picking up a rugged phone or tablet case would be not only a practical but considerate gift for this holiday season. Otterbox’s Defender Series cases are dust, scratch, and drop resistant protecting your device. $14-$44 on Amazon.


Lunch Box

The Stanley Heritage Cooler Thermos combo isn’t your child’s lunchbox, it’s construction site ready. It is leak-proof and fully packable with a lifetime warranty with a locking handle to hold the thermos in place. The combo can be found on Amazon for $75.


The Gift

These next couple of construction worker gift ideas are great for the main present. The gifts are exactly what they want and are bound to be a smash this holiday season.


Charger Bluetooth Radios

If a simple Bluetooth speaker won’t suffice, try a power box combo charger Bluetooth radio. Made by power tool companies, many of these charger radios are weather-resistant, drop-proof, and built by people who know construction. The Bosch Power Box PB360C is a job site AM/FM Radio/Charger/Digital Media Radio which allows ultimate control of the music and with a protective roll cage a product that can withstand your job site. It is available on Amazon for $175.


Heated Gear

The big-ticket item of this holiday season is heated gear, whether it’s a heated zip-up hoodie, gloves, boots, or jacket. These items use carbon fiber heating elements to produce and trap heat within the gear, the jackets have durable utility pockets that protect them from being cut, all while being washer and dryer safe, which is a must for construction. Milwaukee’s heated products sell for $49-$300 and are available on their website or from other retailers.


Portable Coffee

The Oxx Coffeeboxx is a single-serve coffee maker that was engineered to store easily without being crushed since it has a 1500 lb load rating. It is weather-resistant to protect from water and dust and works with all K-cup pods and brews a cup of coffee in a minute and a half. The Oxx product also comes with a full warranty and product support and available from Amazon and their website for $230.


While not a comprehensive list of all great gifts for construction workers, this list will definitely help you navigate gift shopping this holiday season.