20 Character Traits Commercial Subcontractors Must Develop to be Successful

20 Character Traits Commercial Subcontractors Must Develop To Be Successful

Different traits help in different careers. That’s why when we’re in high school we take personality quizzes to understand better what we should pursue career-wise. For commercial subcontractors, these 20 character traits make them more successful.


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1. Inquisitiveness

Great commercial subcontractors are inquisitive. They want to learn more about their trade to perform better; they’re more likely to become experts in their field.


2. Vision

As important as it is to be inquisitive it’s equally as important to have vision. Leaders with a strong vision for both their business and how a project can be completed are highly successful.


3. Purpose

Commercial subcontractors that find purpose in their work are passionate about what they do. Whether the passion is for satisfied customers or creating spaces that benefit the community.


4. Ingenuity

Ingenuity is a beneficial trait to anyone who works on projects, but especially for commercial subcontractors. Commercial subcontractors who embrace new technologies and try to find cost-efficient ways to complete projects are significantly rewarded.


5. Detail Oriented

Attention to detail is especially crucial for commercial subcontractors. Missing small details can be costly and mean the difference between success and failure. Being attentive to details helps commercial subcontractors take their work to the next level.


6. Discipline

Commercial subcontractors easily navigate the service industry when they have discipline. Discipline helps you carve out time for networking, the business side of the business, family, friends, and other parts of your life. Disciplined commercial subcontractors can make time to grow.


7. Thick Skin

While you probably try to prevent it, there are always dissatisfied customers. Often times people, that regardless of what you do, won’t be happy with your work. Being able to let it roll off rather than fester makes you a happier subcontractor.


8. Humility

While all commercial subcontractors try to prevent it, mistakes happen. Acknowledging a mistake and apologizing, and acknowledging the talents of others all benefit commercial subcontractors.


9. Cognizance

Being cognizance of your limits, of the limits of your team, and of your strengths and the strengths of your team helps all commercial subcontractors. Being cognizant of the client’s interests and wants helps projects achieve positive outcomes.


10. Flexibility

Successful commercial subcontractors are flexible. Since there is only so much that can be controlled by you, being flexible helps you work through any unplanned events. Projects are riddled with Change Orders, so the subcontractor must be able to manage this process efficiently.


11. Perseverance

The commercial construction industry has ups and downs, but great commercial subcontractors persevere through them. Being determined also helps subcontractors in other aspects of business, not just through tough times.


12. Integrity

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, and it’s something all subcontractors should have if they want to stay in business long. It means doing the right thing first and promotes better business and repeat customers.


13. Optimism

Even when times are tough or the project isn’t going according to plan, being optimistic along with perseverance and endurance helps all commercial subcontractors get the job done in the end.


14. Common Sense

Physical labor can be dangerous, especially in commercial subcontracting, but that risk is a part of the job. While it’s a part of the job, so is common sense. Common sense helps subcontractors make decisions that won’t impact their health, therefore, prolonging their careers.


15. Perfectionism

Too much perfectionism can be a bad thing if it hinders jobs, but it’s a benefit for a commercial subcontractor. Perfectionism helps build your business and your brand because of its quality.


16. Neighborly

People want to work with someone who is friendly and who cares. Neighborly commercial subcontractors can attract more workers to their business as well as more clients.


17. Skilled

Being skilled might seem like an odd character trait, but it’s important for a commercial subcontractor. You and your obviously business benefit when you showcase your skills and knowledge. That’s why you’re hired anyway.


18. Presentation

The presentation is everything, and it’s how people judge you and your business. Having professional presentations, bid proposals, and websites help present you and your business in a positive and professional light.


19. Communication Skills

It’s incredibly crucial for commercial contractors to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently. That level of communication helps projects go according to the client’s needs. Communication gets to the core of what a client wants and helps you and your team achieve their goals.


20. Likable

Likability is crucial in receiving repeat business. Likable commercial subcontractors will have repeat business and develop networks and connections that will benefit them for the rest of their career. It is an understated character trait.