13 Interview Questions to Ask Construction Project Managers

Job interviews can be stressful for both the company and potential new hire. Hiring managers must make the right choice of who to hire given the types of projects they usually do and the team. Here is a list of interview questions to ask construction project managers.

General Interview Questions to Ask Construction Project Managers

With any interview, there are general questions that cover the basics and can set the right tone for the interview. These questions are asked regardless of role and can be important in determining a fit for the company.

How did you end up in your current role?

This question gives interviewers an insight into a candidate’s trajectory and sometimes their goals. It can be a good question, especially if their resume seems a little short or they are aspiring to become a construction project manager.

What are a few of your strengths and weaknesses?

This question can help interviewers determine whether a candidate has insight into what makes them a good employee. A candidate that doesn’t answer the question is often seen as lacking self-awareness, which can be a big problem for a team environment.

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How would you describe your ideal work environment?

The interviewer knows the company, they know the culture, and this question can ensure that the interviewee will fit into their culture and company. If the construction project manager is looking for flexible hours or time, but that’s not something the company does, then both of you might end up disappointed.

Role Specific Interview Questions

During the interview process, interviewers must ask role-specific interview questions for the construction project managers. These questions can gauge how much they know about the role and their familiarity with events that could occur while they’re in the role.

What type and size projects have you built?

If the candidate has only worked on one type or size project and is unfamiliar with the size or type of projects you usually build, then they might need more training or oversight when they’re hired. This can be an excellent deciding question if you’re between two very qualified candidates.

How do you prioritize tasks?

As a construction project manager, they’re responsible for prioritizing all tasks within the project. If they’re unfamiliar or uncertain of how to prioritize tasks, that can be a bad sign.

What are the first steps in planning a construction project?

Since it’s a construction project manager role, they should know how to plan a construction project. Have a candidate walk you through the first steps of planning a project and ask clarifying questions to assess their knowledge better.

How do you structure a team for a project? What do you consider?

This question gives interviewers an insight into what the potential construction project manager values in a team. Interviewers can better understand how they manage a team and potentially what sort of people they work well with.

Which project management tools are you familiar with? Which tools do you prefer and why?

These questions showcase the construction project managers familiarity with technology and can show whether or not they’re comfortable with technology if they seem uncomfortable with technology or unwilling to learn it that can be a red flag for a forward-thinking company. If they are unfamiliar with the software you use, then they might require some extra training with either your provider or your point person.

Operational Questions to Ask Construction Project Managers

The operational questions are essential to understand better what the project manager might do in specific situations that might arise while on a project. Here are some operational interview questions to ask construction project managers.

What actions would you take if a project is falling behind schedule or exceeding the project’s budget?

Construction project managers are likely to face a project falling behind schedule or exceeding the budget. That’s why it’s crucial to understand how they will tackle those challenges.

How would you handle a worker disregarding your instructions about their part of the project?

A very straight forward question, while many hope they will never encounter this problem it can happen. Either a worker refuses to use the software or something similar, knowing how someone will react or what they’ve found works in the past is very important.

What would you do if some of your workers were not using the necessary safety equipment?

Safety is such an essential aspect of construction, and companies must have construction project managers that make workplace safety a priority.

Behavior Specific Interview Questions

Interviewing isn’t just about someone technically qualified for the role; it’s also about finding someone who fits the team and company. Interviewers must include behavior-specific interview questions to understand who is the best fit for the role and the team.

Have you ever experienced conflict with supervisors, and how did you handle it?

Some people never experience conflict, which can be a good or bad thing. Someone who never experiences conflict might be avoiding it and giving in to other ideas even if it’s not for the best. On the other hand, someone who experiences a lot of conflicts could be generating it. Knowing how they handle conflict and if it’s a common occurrence can benefit companies in the interview process.

How do you approach leadership?

Some people are great leaders, others not so much. Knowing the type of leadership and style of leadership can prove valuable when interviewing candidates for a construction project manager position.


While this isn’t a comprehensive list of every question to ask a construction project manager, this will help develop your interview questions.