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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Construction Workers

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Construction Workers


Just like other industries, Construction companies more than ever need to hire and hold on to their best talent. The number one asset for subcontractors are their employees.  The people that do the work!  It is crucial to avoid making mistakes before, during and after the hiring process so your firm will bring in the best employees available. Listed below are mistakes that contractors commonly make and tips on how to avoid them.


Mistake #1 Hiring at the wrong time or waiting until the last minute.

Companies tend to hire new employees when they are in desperate need of work. In this manner, contractors are happy to have almost anyone on the job, regardless of their skill set or work ethic. Hiring when in need of labor does not help companies in the long term because they end up with subpar employees. To avoid this, contractors should always be hiring. Hiring year-round allows for contractors to find the best employees. When your company is not in need of anyone, you can be more selective in choosing new employees, so only the best candidates are hired. It is also a good idea to hire before you have work so you can get the best employees before your competition.


Mistake #2 Not using all of your available hiring tools

Contractors should utilize all outreach tools available so that they can find the best employees out there. Employers should use job fairs, visits to local tech schools or community colleges, referrals, social media, and ads to find employees. It is important to use a broad range of outreach tactics because they each correspond to a different segment of the population. By using all of the tools available, contractors can reach more people overall, so they have a better selection pool and the chance of finding the right person.


Mistake #3 Using vague job descriptions

Contractors should be sure to define what they are looking for in new employees. This means they should have a detailed job description for every position in their company. It’s impossible to find the perfect candidate for a job if candidates do not understand the position. Job descriptions should be clear and include important factors such as time commitments and growth opportunities.


Mistake #4 Using poor interviewing skills

Avoid relying on poor interviewing skills by asking questions unrelated to the job or the type of candidate you’re looking to hire. Using standard questions and a scoring system levels the playing field and helps your team determine the best candidate for the job. It becomes an expensive proposition to hire employees because your interview process is broken and candidates are not properly vetted. A good interviewer not only asks the right questions but remains unbiased. Have a team in place to perform the interviews.


Mistake #5 Not using references or checking backgrounds

Not using references is another way that contractors hire the wrong employees. Employers should always rely on references and other proper means to collect data on candidates so that they can find the best talent and avoid potential poor hires.


Mistake #6 Not embracing technology

Upgrading your technology becomes more important as the labor pool gets younger. Younger prospects are more prone to join your team if you are using newer technology because they are comfortable with it. In today’s world, it is hard to find dependable young construction workers, so employers should make necessary changes to attract them. Technology means you’re a forward thinking company and will remain competitive and offer long-term employment opportunities.


Mistake #7 Not providing reasons for people to join your company

Ideally, people should clearly understand the benefits to joining your company. Contractors should mention reasons why a prospect should join their team – both short-term and long-term. Reasons may include competitive salaries, health benefits, and a positive and safe work environment. All of the reasons are key company differentiators which may make you attractive to applicants.


Mistake #8 Not offering enough hours

Most people who work construction need their hours, so it is important that your company can give them enough work to make them happy. This may mean finding more work, or not hiring too many employees. People will not want to join your company unless they know that they will be able to work enough hours and some sense of security.


Mistake #9 Hiring based on skills alone instead of character

Employers sometimes forget that skills can be taught but a person’s character cannot. To hire the best employees, contractors should pay close attention to a candidates character. If a person has good character, they can build skills. Managers should also ensure that the individual’s personality meshes well with their company’s values and work environment so that they will remain content with their new job.


Mistake #10 Forcing prospects to fit certain roles

The best companies are not desperate for employees because they often hire talented and great character employees that can move around the organization. Good employers pick up on candidates character traits quickly and give them jobs which they are best suited for if the current position isn’t a great fit. Conversely, bad employers are less flexible and do not offer employees the ability to shift. This model is a good way to lose good employees.