10 Factors Top Construction Manager Apps Have in Common

10 Factors that Top Construction Manager Apps Have in Common

10 Factors that Top Construction Manager Apps Have in Common


Choosing a construction manager app can be difficult because you need one that fits your business within your budget. To make it simpler, these are ten factors that top construction manager apps have in common.


1. They Can Manage Multiple Projects

It’s fairly important for any construction manager app to be able to manage multiple projects because most businesses have multiple projects. But it’s more than just being able to have multiple projects and project files. It’s about having document control. The top construction manager app helps you manage the storage and access to files within specific projects. That way it’s easy to find project files and manage project documents, which in turn saves companies time and money.


2. Real-Time Project Performance

Many top manager apps show real-time project performance. The real-time project performance allows for project managers and business owners the ability to track projects. This allows for managers to see how the project is faring compared to the schedule. Having this data also helps managers know what resources are needed where and better plan for future projects. Real-time project tracking is so beneficial to businesses that it’s a feature that will be incorporated into more apps over time.


3. Mobile and Computer Compatible

Many construction manager apps all work on both mobile devices and computers. But only the top construction management apps allow for users to view and create files from any device. With construction, not all work is done in an office so having an app that serves a singular purpose or restricted to certain devices is not business friendly. You need an app that integrates with other solutions, so the data collected will be actionable for the entire organization.


4. Offering Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is important for every software in today’s world. It’s what allows for the field and office to be able to view the most recent document without having to remember to share it. Apps that operate in the cloud offer users the ability to create the files in the cloud and retrieve them. Top construction manager apps allow for users to choose the amount of space they need so that users pay for what they need.


5. Schedule Viewing and Creation

Scheduling is incredibly important in any business, but especially in construction when timelines are everything. Top construction manager apps have scheduling capabilities, both the creating of schedules and viewing schedules. Employees can view their schedules to know where they’re supposed to be. While managers can view the project schedule to know where they line up. It’s an invaluable tool to your business, and something every construction manager app should have.


6. Time Cards

Time card features are increasingly common for construction apps. They save time, money, and paper by moving time cards from paper to mobile. Time card features allow for employees to clock in on their phones or tablets, and for the back office to easily export the data. Reducing the amount of time needed to input information or track down timesheets manually. Plus, all the information from the time cards gets saved into the project files, so it’s available if there’s ever a dispute.


7. Costing and Budgets

Job costing and budgeting is crucial to any construction project. And the top construction apps have responded to that need. Many apps allow you to create and track your project budget through the app, that way there’s no need to spend time searching for the budget. Some apps even track the reason for budget changes. Allowing users the ability to use the gathered data to see the most common reasons for any changes and build better budgets in the future.


8. Custom Documents

Many of the top apps help users create their own custom document templates for every aspect of the business.  Contractors have slightly unique requirements for documents like Change Orders, Submittals, etc. A great app offers users the flexibility to have unique templates based on their needs.  While the information is input the same way, company names can be placed on form templates. If a form is printed, it will bear the company name and logo on the top, and users will have to fill out the document to a user’s company’s standards.


9. Photo Documentation

With construction, it’s important to be able to document the site.  Your building a baseline reference point.  If something breaks and needs a Change Order, or to show the finished product, it helps to have proof. Top construction manager apps have photo documentation capabilities. This allows users to take photos, annotate and associate notes (e.g., voice to text) on the image, and easily attach it to the correct project document. The best apps make it easy for Managers to continually be productive on tasks without having to take out a camera to take a photo or write down notes on a notepad.


10. Communication Management

Top construction manager apps have some form of communication management. Whether it’s in the form of its own email, or if it connects to an existing platform. The best apps can document communications between you and your clients and save it within project folders.  That way you won’t have to worry about tracking down electronic conversations or messages or even contact email addresses ever again. They are available at the tip of your fingers.


Choose wisely for your next Construction Management Application.