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10 Characteristics of a Good Project Manager

10 Characteristics of a Good Project Manager

Good project managers are unfortunately few and far between. In addition to coordinating tasks and overseeing employees, project managers must lead their teams with passion and enthusiasm every day. With so many activities and deadlines to juggle though, they can sometimes lose track of what it means to be a true leader. The first step in becoming a better project manager is to understand the traits that make PM’s successful.Construction Manager

Here are the most important characteristics that a project manager should strive to embody:

Clear communicator

Bad communication is the root of many issues during a construction project.  A good project manager must be able to communicate clearly and effectively with everyone on their team. This means giving constructive criticism, positive feedback, as well as listening to workers.

Problem solver

It’s not a matter of if, but when something will go wrong. A great project manager will be able to overcome challenges quickly and calmly with advanced problem-solving skills. Being able to adapt and adjust is critical to the success of a project!

Team player

As you know, a construction project is no one-man show. A successful project depends on the cooperation and support of ALL team members. A good project manager understands this and will do everything in their power to foster teamwork. This means making sure everyone is heard and appreciated!


An optimistic attitude is an extremely important characteristic of a good leader. Negativity will stifle motivation and produce mediocre work. Employees want to follow someone who will inspire them, so it is essential that project managers keep a positive outlook against all odds.


Employees want to look up to a leader who is passionate about what they are doing. Project managers should make it obvious that they look forward to going to work and should share this excitement with their team. This will increase motivation and likely lead to better work from employees.Subcontractor Software Demo

Able to delegate

Construction projects require a significant amount of resources and manpower. With so many tasks, it is impossible for a project manager to oversee everything. Good project managers are able to delegate tasks that they are unable to perform themselves to the appropriate workers. This requires them to have a great deal of trust in their team members.


While possessing leadership skills is extremely important, great project management requires knowledge and expertise as well. Project managers need to be familiar with the specific field they are working in if they want to be respected by their subordinates. Possessing domain expertise will not only garner the respect that project managers want but will give better strategic insight well.


The best leaders always have a vision. When a team has a collective goal that they are working towards, they are much more likely to achieve that goal. This not only increases motivation but fosters teamwork as well.


Project management is known to be a taxing job at times. With multiple deadlines and countless employees to oversee, stressful situations are bound to occur. A good project manager needs to be able to keep a cool head when things get crazy. Remember: Keep calm and carry on!

Natural leader

Good project managers are natural born leaders. They know how to rally a team and get things done and people look up to them because of this.

As you can see, there are many characteristics and skills that make up a great leader. In summary, good project managers are able to lead their team with enthusiasm and perseverance through both the highs and lows of a construction project.

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