10 best construction apps

10 Best Construction Apps for Android and Apple in 2017

10 Best Construction Apps for Android and Apple in 2017

The introduction and widespread availability of mobile devices and cloud technology have dramatically changed our personal and professional lives. From banking to shopping to navigating traffic, there is so much that I can get done from a mobile app on my smartphone. Similarly, there are a number of mobile construction apps—from bid management to BIM to inspections and everything in between—that can improve productivity and save time for construction workers in the field and the office. Based on multiple factors including search volume, product reviews, industry research, below are some of the ten best construction apps available:

Construction Master Pro App

Construction professionals can now get rid of their trusty Construction Master calculator and utilize the mobile app. It works just like the hand-held unit and is useful for construction math problems like length, area and volume conversions.

Construction Master Pro App for iOS  I Construction Master Pro App for Android


With the ability to provide quality data from the field, drones are finding a home on the jobsite. The DroneDeploy app enables users to fly drones to capture data, process imagery into high-resolution maps and 3D models, and share maps with others. Construction companies are using DroneDeploy to develop site plans, monitor job progress, and compare BIM models to actual site conditions to improve safety and keep projects on track.

DroneDeploy for iOS  I DroneDeploy for Android


With over 200 construction project management solutions on the market, it can be overwhelming for construction companies to navigate the marketplace to find the best fit for them. eSUB stands out because it is one of the few vendors focused exclusively on subcontractor’s workflow and needs. Because documentation is critical to proper risk management and construction legal claims avoidance, eSUB mobile and cloud-based solution applies project management best practices to make documentation quick and easy for the field.

eSUB for iOS  I  eSUB for Android

Fall Safety Pro

Falls are the leading cause of death and injury in construction site accidents according to the Occupational Health Safety Administration (OSHA). While there are many fall protection tools such as ropes and harness, the Fall Safety Pro app actively monitors for falls. When the app detects a fall using the sensors built into iPhone or Android, the user’s emergency contacts receive an alert with GPS location for a quick response.

Fall Safety Pro for iOS  I Fall Safety Pro for Android


Although GasBuddy is not a designated construction app, its usage will help construction professionals save money. It helps users find the least expensive gas near their location. GasBuddy uses gas price information provided by its community of 70 million users.

GasBuddy for iOS  I GasBuddy for Android


Used in over 500,000 projects, PlanGrid boast five-stars among 3900+ reviews on the App store! Users enjoy the ability to share plans, markups, photos, and reports with the entire project team from their mobile device. Because the product is very intuitive, it is a valuable tool in the field.

PlanGrid for iOS  I PlanGrid for Android

SafetyCulture iAuditor

Used to conduct over 1,000,000 inspections per month across many industries, iAuditor provides a powerful checklist app. Paper checklists are digitized so that your team can conduct inspections much quicker. Whether you need a risk assessment form or pre-start checklist, users can create their own templates and attach images, add signatures and more.

iAuditor for iOS  I  iAuditor for Android


SmartBid provides a cloud-based platform to send invitations to bid, share project documents, and collaborate with subcontractors. The mobile app allows SmartBid users to securely access their network of subcontractors so that they can easily bid projects from any location.

SmartBid for iOS  


A construction camera’s bird’s eye view is necessary for live viewing and security recording of a jobsite. TrueLook has delivered more than 2.2 billion images over the past 18 years. From TrueLook’s mobile app, users can view your jobsite live, save and share webcam images, and more.

TrueLook for iOS  I TrueLook for Android

Mobile construction apps are revolutionizing the industry but carefully research them to ensure they improve productivity and save time for construction workers in the field and the office.


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