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Developing Your Construction Safety Management Plan

Developing Your Construction Safety Management Plan


Safety in the construction industry should always be the most valued part of the job. Being cautious of safety regulations is much more of a serious matter in construction than almost any other job; especially for those on the job site. There is substantial research that presents working in the construction industry, especially on the jobsite, as a high-risk profession as opposed to working in the safety of an office. This why carefully developing guidelines for a safety management plan to protect the safety of field workers is crucial to every construction project.


Because construction sites are significantly prone to accidents than nearly any other job field, it is necessary to implement safety guidelines to avoid any accident. There are many branches to generating a safety management plan; for instance, each project should have safety protocols for employee training, employee qualification, jobsite inspections, accident precautions, and much more.


Creating a construction safety management plan provides a clear understanding of expectations for safety guidelines before a project even begins; everyone involved in the project including contractors, subcontractors, engineers, architects, project owners and more should all be on the same level of understanding when it comes to safety management. It is important to go about safety management plans earnestly.


Lead by example. The more serious you are about safety regulations, the more serious your team will reciprocate the same sense of responsibility. Your team feeling safe and protected when they come to work increases the productivity of their work ethic overall, potentially speeding up the completion of the project. Having a reputation for implementing high safety protocols is always beneficial to you and your team.


Developing a thorough and detailed safety management plan not only protects you and your team but also is a crucial factor of being reasonably insured for the project. No matter how big or small the cost of a project may be, a high-quality safety management plan can increasingly reduce the insurance costs for each project by thousands, even millions, of dollars.


There are many online opportunities for finding safety management plan templates, outlines, and pre-formatted documents. The various construction safety companies to choose from offer wide ranges of safety guidelines for you and your team and provide the knowledge you need to understand all possible risk factors on the jobsite and what you can do to avoid them. Your safety construction plan for all projects should include:


– Roles and responsibilities for all team members

– Safety preparedness guidelines before construction begins

– Contracted document with details of all safety requirements

– Frequent construction site inspections

– High-risk activities during construction

– Potential hazards on the construction site

– Drug and alcohol impairment


These examples are merely a few broadened sections of what your construction safety management plan should include.


Every plan should be incredibly detailed for the assurance that everyone involved in the project can go to work every day without the stress of potential hazards hanging overhead. Safety is the most important part of every project and should be the first matter of business whenever a new project begins; including emergency response plans, and inventory and storage of materials on the jobsite that are potential hazards.


Safety construction plans are not only valuable to worker’s safety, but they ensure the health and safety of the environment of the construction site and the surrounding public. Be sure to be cautious of hazardous pollutants, spills, or any environmental damage, and create a plan to respond to environmental harm if it occurs.



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