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Using Contractor Scheduling Software for Construction Business Organization

Using Contractor Scheduling Software for #Construction Business Organization


With the increase in residential and commercial construction projects, it’s imperative to set up and know your schedules for projects. Contractor scheduling software can help with that, but great contractor scheduling software not only allows you to set projects calendars for multiple contracts, it will also help keep all of your files and records for your projects in one spot for ease of access and convenience. Contractor scheduling software helps you modernize systems you already have in place or systems you are trying to start. Contractor scheduling and management software, like eSUB, allow for you to easily manage your business through setting project timelines, managing resources, tracking requests for either information or changes all in one place.


Create Your Project Calendar

Building a project calendar allows you to create deadlines and determine what needs to be done to ensure your projects run smoothly. Contractor scheduling software allows you the ability to create timelines and adjust resources in one place. Assign tasks to your team and track their completion through real-time updates. Using cloud-based software also ensures that the project record is backed up in one place and accessible by all devices in your company from the field to the office. eSUB construction software lets you accurately calculate how long an expected task will take to help you plan accordingly with project needs, and keep track of obstacles that could extend the deadlines on other projects.


Manage Your Resources

Once you’ve built your project calendar, you can compare it to other projects you have going on to determine the resources you need. You can see tasks completed and incomplete, as well as, who is available and what resources they will need to help your business run efficiently. If someone reports a broken piece of equipment or the need for specialized equipment you might need to rent, the right software can help you calculate the costs and even schedule the rental. The big picture view of your projects also allows for accountability. Users have real-time information on employees and equipment, helping track missing equipment back to the last location it was checked in and who was using it.


Track Progress and Changes

Using cloud-based software allows for you to track the progress and changes to any project on your time from anywhere. Whether you are on the site or in the office, you can see field notes and RFI’s as they come in, giving you the ability to see where there might be hold ups before they occur. It also allows for easy communication between you, your team, and anyone else involved. The crucial part of using cloud-based software is that it holds all of your RFI’s, change orders, and field notes for you, so you don’t have to worry about where something is if a problem arises.


Go Mobile

Mobile technology is changing every industry which is why you should ensure that your project management or Contractor scheduling software has a mobile option. When your scheduling software interfaces with a mobile app it allows you to take field notes in the field when you need them. It should also allow for you to work in the project offline, locate key elements about your project, as well as photograph and annotate work from the field. eSUB even allows for users to call, text or email other project contracts right from the app, so the contact record is easily viewable by those in the project. These small yet key elements in a software help keep your projects organized.



Contractor scheduling software is modernizing and simplifying organizational systems that let your business run smoothly while backing everything up to one place so you won’t lose a file. It’s taking your office to the field and bringing the field to the office so that you can keep track of your projects as they’re occurring and not hearing about your jobs at the end of the day or if something goes wrong. It’s tracking requests from the field, change orders, and resources, as well as keeping you in contact with all parties involved with your project. With the increase in construction projects across the country, it’s helping you to schedule them in the order that makes sense for your business. Contractor scheduling software isn’t just helping you build a project calendar and assigning people to tasks; it’s helping to grow your business.


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