Leading your troops.

Characteristics Of Top Construction Firms

After our article on the Key Behavioral Traits of Successful Subcontractors, it felt appropriate to discuss the key traits of top construction firms as a whole. The industry as a whole is incredibly competitive, and most successful construction companies can tell you, it’s a guaranteed game changer to have loyal customers. When clients are loyal to one Construction Company, you won’t have to look for, and bid, for projects, the projects will come to you. After looking at some of the varying reports, the following are the most common traits you will find in all great construction firms:

1. Taking Care Of Their Own

It’s sometimes difficult to find good, and reliable, workers. But when a successful company finds top prospects in a given field, they make sure to treat them well. That means good pay, listening to their ideas, and providing a clear career path. Overall, they simply make their corporation a good and profitable place to work. As a result, the contractor won’t want to leave (or go off on their own).

2. Next Level Customer Service

Loyal customers, that see you as their only option for work, is where the money is. If you know anyone in a top construction firm, you most likely hardly see them doing bid work. That’s because their clients know and trust them. The client knows that their company will give them a good price, and the work will be right the first time with minimal (or no) delays. Because of this, the work comes to you!

3. Technology

GPS is your friend! Less than 10 percent of firms use GPS technology. In comparison, more than 50 percent of top companies use it. It can be confusing at first, but once you get a handle on things, GPS can dramatically improve your productivity! The tech allows you to know where all your employees, trucks, an machines are at any time. This tool gives top firms a tremendous advantage for that reason.

4. Focus On The Money

As you are probably more than aware, the fun is in the field. The trick is that successful firms put equal attention into the numbers, as they do into the fieldwork. The bests can tell you to a dime what everything will cost in a given project. Because of this, they bid more confidently than competitors and don’t leave money on the table.

5. Being Leaders

Leadership is getting extraordinary results from ordinary people. A construction firm’s leadership has to exemplify this characteristic. Most top firms build their business by finding, nurturing, and motivating the ordinary people who work for them. So if you don’t have the right leadership, you have to go out find them!