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Top 9 Best HVAC Business Apps

Top 9 HVAC Business Apps

The demand for HVAC equipment and services has been on a steady increase over the last few years, which puts companies in an interesting position. On the one hand, they have more potential clients than ever, which can mean more profits. On the other hand, a growing industry means more competition. You can’t expect to do the bare minimum and still retain long-term clients. New services, new practices, all of these are important to keep your company relevant. So, here’s a look at some of the top HVAC business apps and how they can benefit your company.

One key way to help even things out is by looking into mobile apps and other technology. Whether it’s about improving your quality of customer service or just basic efficiency, implementing apps is a great way for your company to stand apart with relatively little expense or onboarding. 

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Complete HVAC Dictionary

Veteran HVAC professionals may already know all the lingo and technical terms they need to do their job, but sometimes, you need a little extra support. For example, a major part of HVAC work is communicating to your customers, who may not have as much understanding of the terms as you do. In addition, if you have an apprentice or are one yourself, you may need a refresher as to what certain terms mean. This is where the Complete HVAC Dictionary comes in. This tool serves as a reference for over 3,000 terms related to heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. 


HVACBuddy is praised as one of the premier mobile HVAC business apps specifically for the HVAC industry, providing a more effective way to perform refrigerant charging and diagnostics. Doing this is simple, and makes it easy for you to figure out if an installation you are working on has the right refrigerant charge. Just enter the refrigerant, temperature, and pressures, and the app will do the calculations to determine:

— Superheat

— Subcooling target

— Airflow target

— Actual charge

— Differences between actuals and targets

You can also email your findings to your client or office. Other features of HVACBuddy include adjusting units to PSA or Celsius, as well as a system status report. This allows you to take all the figures you record in HVACBuddy and send them in a formatted email as needed.

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We mentioned the importance of mobile apps on your finances earlier, but in some cases, this can be a direct impact. QuickBooks is hailed as the premier accounting software available, and the mobile app adds a whole new dimension to the service. Keep a clean and formal record of your spending and tax responsibilities to make tax management a breeze. In addition, QuickBooks’ popularity means that a lot of the other financial apps/project management software on the market has existing integration. Reaping the benefits with less onboarding headaches makes QuickBooks a great option.

Carrier Enterprise HVAC Assist

Many HVAC field techs work with Carrier products often, and if this applies to your business, this app makes a perfect option. Carrier Enterprise HVAC Assist is designed to access real-time prices for Carrier products, improving your overall inventory management. If you’re a regular Carrier user, you get to reap even more benefits, like store hours, locations, and contact info.

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HVAC Duct Sizer

HVAC Duct Sizer is iOS’s top-selling duct sizing app. Some of its functionality includes the ability to size either a single duct run or a range of different sizes. It also can provide specific figures on metrics like velocity, friction loss, and airflow. You can also iterate and test by doing increments of value and getting calculated results. The amount of customization available is part of what has made this a favorite among HVAC professionals. 

Nest App

Depending on what brand of equipment you work with, you may be able to use a mobile app that lets you operate the equipment remotely. Nest is one such example, but Honeywell also has a similar app. This is a great asset if you want to remotely troubleshoot or test multiple pieces of equipment at the same time.

Test and Balance/Commissioning Calculator

Part of the work of a field HVAC technician is performing various calculations and formulas to test equipment and make sure that it is working correctly. In the past, professionals had to either do this from memory or through printed notes. This app provides a modern solution, with all the equations on hand that you’ll need to properly do your job.


In many cases, especially if you are new to the HVAC world, you may need a reference in terms of troubleshooting guidance. iManifold is a great asset for novices and experts alike, making it possible to calculate HVAC system processes and performance. With a combination of your input and live system data, finding the root of client problems is easier than ever. This includes customizing for over 40 different refrigerant and equipment options. If you upgrade to iManifold Report Pro, you can get benefits like charge reports, airflow reports, and guidelines for mechanical inspection.


We couldn’t fail to mention what our platform brings to the table at eSUB. When it comes to apps for HVAC business, our software suite is at the top of the line in terms of integrating field and office operations. We do this through a combination of mobile apps for HVAC as well as document control software. Your workforce can enter in basic data like the following into a fully searchable database:

— Events on site

— Labor activities

— Costs of materials

— Information about your team

— Estimates

All of this information is updated in real-time. Best of all, because we base our model on a modular service, you only have to buy what you need. Interested in cloud storage for data but no accounting information? We can put together a customized package to best suit your business.