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Top 10 Electrical Contractor Blogs in 2020

In 2020, we have the benefit of more resources to enhance your business than ever before. A smart business owner shouldn’t just be focused on getting their work done, but following industry information to see how things are changing. As a result, every electrical professional should incorporate visiting an electrical contractor blog into their regular routine. Reading up-to-date industry content provides an essential stream of pertinent information both for immediate support (tips and tricks, etc.) as well as greater strategy (future trends, industry reports).

With the electrical industry going through some dramatic changes, it’s important that you have electrical contractor blogs you can trust to supply key information and follow trends. Here are some of the standouts that we’ve found.

Incorporate an Electrical Contractor Blog into Your Routine

Here are some of the standout blogs that we’ve seen that electrical contractors should be looking to follow.

1. Service Roundtable Blog

service roundtable

Professional organizations are a great resource when it comes to any trade. The repository of information and expertise they have makes them a great option for an electrical contractor blog as well. Service Roundtable is the ideal example, as the largest private organization of contractors in the country. As a note, because they are an organization that serves all kinds of contractors, not every piece of content is going to be an electrical technology blog. However, there is plenty of insight on general contractor business know-how, with the occasional deeper dive into industry-specific topics.

2. Independent Electrical Contractors

independent electrical contractors

Independent Electrical Contractors is a prominent non-profit organization, providing education on electrical topics and careers nationwide. The informational section of their website is Insights Magazine. This blog is regularly updated with news about electrical trends, but also advice from industry experts on pertinent topics. They also share updates on the organization through this blog as well.

3. ElectricianTalk.Com

electrician talk

ElectricianTalk.com is presented as an online community for electricians. The site features regularly published articles full of industry insight for working electrical professionals. Content includes tips-and-tricks style articles as well as product reviews and discussions on industry trends. To take things further, you can also join the site’s forums and discuss topics of your choosing with the ElectricianTalk community.

4. Electrical Marketing

electrical marketing

Sometimes, you don’t need to follow a blog specifically for electrical contractors to get a lot of useful knowledge. Electrical Marketing’s blog is a great example of this. This site’s target audience is distributors and manufacturers, but there is plenty of insight that you can get as a contractor. This is because it covers a lot of industry-wide trends and events, like mergers or deals. A lot of these events can have a major ripple effect on your daily operations, so it pays to be aware of them.

5. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

international brotherhood of electrical workers

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is a labor organization representing thousands of professionals in both construction and utilities across the U.S. and Canada. The blog portion of their website is the IBEW Media Center. This stays updated with news regarding the organization, but also on local stories regarding electrical professionals and contractors. In addition, when major events happen in the industry, you’ll see unique perspective pieces from the organization.

6. Electrical News

electrical news

When it comes to longevity, Electrical News is the standout in the industry. Notably, it has a history both online and in print, first starting as a regional publication 30 years ago. If you go to their website, you not only get their recent coverage of trends and events in the industry, but a massive archive of regional and national coverage of electrical work. Combine this with their selection of contributor blogs, and they are an invaluable resource for electrical contractors who want a resource they can trust.

7. Lighting Supply

Lighting Supply

Like Electrical Marketing, on the surface, Lighting Supply doesn’t seem like a resource. Instead, they are a distributor of lighting/lighting hardware. However, they also have a comprehensive blog on lighting-related topics/product reviews. If you do a lot of work with lighting as part of your electrical contracting business, it may be worth looking into.

8. Contractor Talk

contractor talk

Contractor Talk isn’t an electrical education blog, per se, but it’s a network of forums, with different subforums for all types of contractor trades and disciplines, electrical included. All professionals should consider signing up and regularly monitoring the electrical forum here for a few reasons. For one, there’s a regular group of industry veterans that share their insight on various topics as well as new developments. In addition, the discussion-friendly nature of a forum means that it’s easier for you to ask questions to the original posters for more insight.

9. Your Local Competitors

This is more of a catch-all mention rather than a single blog, but chances are that a lot of local contractors, some of which are your competition, may have a small blog of their own. While they may not have the cutting-edge information of the other options on this list, it may be worth monitoring them every now and again. For one thing, if you have a blog of your own, you can compare the quality/SEO profile of their articles to yours. Even if you don’t, it may be worth seeing what topics are important to them. This can give you a blueprint for your own research.

10. eSUB’s Electrical Blog for Subcontractors

While this may be a bit of self-promotion, our blog can be filtered to focus specifically on electrical topics. At eSUB, we understand that electrical subcontractors are a substantial part of our user base. As a result, we want to make sure that they not only have the right electrical contractor software that can support their operations, but ready access to industry info and electrical trends.

Our content includes contractor blog posts with actionable knowledge, as well as interviews and reports about new developments in the industry. One benefit of our blog is that we aren’t just an electrical blog. If you are a subcontractor that provides other services, we also have content on verticals like mechanical projects, drywall, and general construction.