Queen of Safety

Episode 30: Queen of Safety Rachael Costly

Construction technology needs to be simple and adapted to the needs of a trade contractor. As workloads grow and economic challenges such as labor shortages rise, how do you implement software that’s straightforward and helpful for employees with different roles, backgrounds, and education levels? Power to the Trades host Greg Fry recently sat down with guest Rachael Costly to discuss how she overcomes technology hesitancy and motivates her team to adopt game-changing technology and share her success story.
Rachael is chief operations officer and owner of Queen of Safety Supply, a provider of construction and medical supplies, community outreach programs, and housing assistance — including interior and exterior remodeling. A disabled veteran of the Iraq War, Rachael turned her sights on providing veterans with employment, opening a homeless veteran’s shelter in Manville, Texas, and then moved into commercial construction. She’s since taken on more than 350 home remodels. Rachel is passionate about helping other women-owned construction businesses learn the ropes, leverage technology, and grow their businesses. 

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