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Episode 7: Craig Berman Geauga Mechanical Podcast

Power To The Trades 7 Craig Berman Geauga Mechanical Podcast

On this week’s episode of the #PowerToTheTrades Podcast, our host Rob McKinney has a conversation with Craig Berman of Geauga Mechanical. 

eSUB Construction Podcast Seventh Episode Recap 

The seventh episode features Craig who is the CEO of Geauga Mechanical, or a third generation family business. Geauga Mechanical is a Mechanical Contractor based in Ohio and long time leading members of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) and the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors of North America (SMACNA). Craig is a technology enthusiast who was born into the business and is part of the third generation to run the company. 

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“We’ve grown to a full service mechanical contractor. So we do design build, we do new system installation service, and maintenance, building automation system. So really from… from design all the way through the life cycle of a system that’s something that we can handle for.” 

 The Meaning of #PowerToTheTrades 

9:52 – 10:00 Craig: “When I hear that, what I really think of is, you know, setting up our processes, procedures software systems to make what our guys doing the field easier. So getting them the information they need when they need it and materials when they need it, make it consistent and reliable, you know, them wasting time looking for information, waiting on materials, doing rework because I have the wrong information that’s just, you know, a killer to our bottom line and make tailored to their morale, they want to get work done, get it done quickly.”

And us setting up everything we do and aligning it was how do we make our guys in the field most productive is what I think the one I think power to the traits that just given them the power to be as productive as they… they can be and give them the tools they need, the information they need to make that.” 

How has technology made an impact to the company? 

11:26 – 11:59 Craig: “Well, I think it’s a really… really big part of what we do now and I think at least in our market, we’ve always been kind of at the forefront of adopting new technology going from paper to digital. So really over the last 10 years, we went from pretty much everything being paper base to everything being digital. And really the… the first thing we looked at was our service department. So we have had over the last several years, you know, 10 to 15 service guys out on the road and service vans doing repairs, maintenance, those sort of thingsAnd for the longest time they have paperwork ticket. So they’d go to somebody’s site. They fill out a paper ticket, have the customer sign it, tear off a carbon copy. So we’d have to do things like meet them once a week to collect their work tickets or… you know, and then they come back to the office, they sit in a pile, somebody, they have to enter them into the software to get the notes.”  

Let’s continue to bring #PowerToTheTrades!

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