Episode 8: Benny Baltrotsky Msuite

Power To The Trades 8 Benny Baltrotsky Msuite

On this week’s episode of the #PowerToTheTrades Podcast, our host Rob McKinney has a conversation with Benny Baltrotsky of MSUITE. 

eSUB Podcast Eight Episode Recap 

The eight episode features Benny who is the Chief Operation Officer (COO) of MSUITEwhich is a fabrication shop software product created for Trade Contractors. Benny is a long time technology enthusiast who has helped founder technology companies and served on committees to improve data standards in the construction industry. 

MSUITE is a platform that is connecting BIM, Fabrication, and the Field. They are helping to take Trade Contractors into the next generation of design driven construction through fabrication. MSUITE helps extra the spool drawings and send to a station for a craft worker to better assemble various components. 

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The Meaning of #PowerToTheTrades 

Benny has spent many years working with Trade Contractors. He was part of the founding team at eSUB and has always been a driving force in empowering Trade Contractors.  

06:52 – 06:57 Benny A lot of it is about empowering them and giving them a voice. 

07:21 – 07:28 Benny “These are the people at the end of the day that are building our buildings and building are infrastructure, that are keeping the lights on. It always felt that they were second fiddle, in the construction ecosystem, they were sort of the last person someone would think of.  

07:52 – 8:09  Benny “How do we empower them, how do we give them a voice and a seat at the table… It’s because their voice is very important to the future of construction.” 

08:56 – 09:51 Benny “The Trades are such an amazing lifelong journey as well as career and skillset.  

We discussed the labor the shortage in the US and how the construction training programs are making an impact. Benny described the way that the UA and the IBEW apprentice ship programs work. These apprentices are learning on the newest technology today. The computer labs, the 3D scanners and the regular classes. 

How can we empower the Trade Contractors in 2021? 

The recent movement by Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing contractors to leverage more 3D design through BIM software has created a need to also leverage these designs on fabrication shop floors. These is still a need in the industry for recruiting and training new VDC professionals. 

15:19 – 15:28 Benny “Continuing the education to the future generation, laying that foundation. 

15:29 – 0:00 Benny “From the construction side, continuing to bring our trade contractors in earlier and when looking at the mechanical of electrical side, look at the design capabilities and fabrication capabilities.” 

Let’s continue to bring #PowerToTheTrades!

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