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Episode 17: John Reid Faber Tech

Power To The Trades 17 John Reid of Faber Tech

Episode #17 features John who is the Cofounder and CRO for Faber Connect, which is an online skilled labor sourcing platform for contractors to find skilled labor for projects and for craft workers to find a new contractor to work for.
John has been working in both the construction and software industries for several years. He learned first hand working in the industry as a carpenter just how complex and complicated construction projects can be. He created the Faber Connect platform for address the issues of sourcing labor for construction project sites in modern way that job boards and word of mouth has not been able to address.
Faber Connect is a marketplace that help subcontractors connect with skilled trades and skilled labor. This varies from carpenters, concrete form workers. The platform is for workers from the apprentice level to foreman level for skilled workers for any trade such as carpenters, plumbers to masons and more are on the platform. This is a new way of thinking about sourcing labor and the construction industry.

The Meaning of #PowerToTheTrades

We discussed his thoughts about the many meanings of the word power in regards to the construction industry and specifically to Craft Workers and Trade Contractors.

What does “Power to the Trades” mean to him. John said “So power to the trades in my mind is actually giving the power back to that individual person onsite and making them feel that they’re really a part of the project opposed to just being a number on a job site. And we really don’t see that moving into the construction industry. And that’s one thing at Faber that we’re also trying to do is, you know, put power back into these individual trades.”

How has technology has powered the operations of Contractors you have worked with?

We discussed the impact of technology on Craft Level Construction workers in regards to using technology. If many people are using social media apps to stay connected with family and friends, is it really a stretch that construction workers would use a mobile app to find there next job on a construction site?

John said “I think it’s really important that a lot of these contractors, subcontractors general contractors, really try to use social media as a platform. You know, talk about how amazing your job as a carpenter, talk about how amazing your job is as electrician, right? Talk about all these amazing projects that you work on.”

Let’s continue to bring #PowerToTheTrades!

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