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Episode 16: Tim Vock of Gibson Electric

Power To The Trades Tim Vock of Gibson Electric

Episode #16 features Tim is the BIM Manager for Gibson Electric, which is a Electrical Contractor and NECA Member.

Tim has been working in the software industry for many years. He works for an Electrical Trade Contractor managing the BIM/VDC department. Tim has been leading the efforts to digitize workflows within the company for years such as using 3D design tools and mobile apps for plan file management.

The Meaning of #PowerToTheTrades

We discussed his thoughts about the many meanings of the word power in regards to the construction industry and specifically to Craft Workers and Trade Contractors.

Tim “The first thing I think when I see that slogan is moving as an industry from a commodity-based industry to a value based on industry because to me it’s so tempting. We still see many of those jobs where you’re the drawings given the lowest bottom line. And if you’re a nickel cheaper than I am going to hire you.”

Tim: “I think if we want to move forward, we up to say it’s not just bottom line on this setup drawings. We need to say, this is what an addition I can bring to you. I can look out for your design to make your designed better. And I can provide more value to that owner that, you know, that this I’m going to hand over something that’s going to last you longer into the future and make it safer.”

How has technology has powered the operations of Contractors you have worked with?

We discussed the move away from paper based drawings, having to print seven copies of the same plan and hand it out to workers and get back the previous copy for the mark ups.

The move to digital plans on tablets:

Tim: “we have all the electronic data control, where people can open up an intelligent drawing long that’ll tell us like tell them the latest version of every drawing. They can just tap on it and it’ll open up the latest greatest version. So they always have access to the latest information that can go on their iPads and fly through the model virtually.”

Let’s continue to bring #PowerToTheTrades!

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