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Episode 10: Shannon Tymosko of IBEW Local

Power To The Trades Shannon Tymosko of IBEW Local

This is a special episode to celebrate Women in Construction Week. 

On this week’s episode of the #PowerToTheTrades Podcast, our host Rob McKinney has a conversation with Shannon Tymosko of IBEW Local 105. We had the good fortune to interview a very interesting woman in the Trades. This conversation with Shannon dives into why she chose construction as a second career, why she chose the Electrical Trades, how her apprenticeship is going and what her interaction in the field looks like between traditional tools like drills versus technology on her smartphone. Shannon, AKA Lady Voltz, is helping to lead the way on a new effort to bring more women into kick ass careers in the construction industry. 

eSUB Podcast Tenth Episode Recap 

The tenth episode features Shannon who is the new an Electrical Apprentice out of the I.B.E.W. Local 105 out of Hamilton, Ontario Canada. The construction industry is a second career option for Shannon. She, like many people, went to college for a different career path. Once she started down that path she realized that it was not for her and fate stepped in to show her a different path. 

Construction Podcast

According to Shannon, she “was looking for a bit of a change. And at the same time, my friend, my best friend that purchased a home and he started the next day after getting he’s it was let’s start doing some renovations and I thought he was a little crazy but we did, you know, and so it, you know, carrying out of the kitchen turned into us finishing a basement that you just… just so that, you know, but that gives you basics of just framing and dry wall in double to plug and play electrical.”  

 The Meaning of #PowerToTheTrades  

Shannon: “At first, when I see it, what I feel is like empowerment. One of the things I feel about the skilled trades is how powerful I am because of my independence, you know, I am able to fix my car. I’ve tried things, you know, tires I used to change. Okay. Fine. You know, easy, but now I’ve like moved onto an oil change. Didn’t think I’d ever do that.” 

Shannon “Power the trades gives me independence and that’s… that’s power to me and not just in that sense but also in the financial aspect. You know, I’ve talked a few times here about thrive not just survive sadly, our world does run on money and, you… you know, to provide you a sense of independence. You know, you do need some, finances.” 

IBEW Local

How can we empower the Trade Contractors in 2021? 

We discussed how Contractors can better empower the craft worker with technology. At the face of work level, some technology has not made it way all the way down the work line yet. At some companies craft workers use their personal smartphones to take photos of plans for reference or document work in place. 

Shannon: “And it’s such a sensitive topic because, you know, as you say that, you know, taking pictures of things technically, you know, I’m not taking them to go. I normally look through my phone and like delete later, right? Some… some people can be found back and be frowned upon. And, you know, and I understand, you know, throw time, not everybody necessarily have cell phones because you were talking.” 

Let’s continue to bring #PowerToTheTrades!

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