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New Plumbing Technology All Contractors Need

New Plumbing Technology All Contractors Need

Plumbing is one of those trades that’s always going to be in demand, whether it’s commercial or residential. However, working professionals also are looking for ways to improve their efficiency and quality of service for their clients and new technology for plumbing is a major part of that. 

The idea of investing in new technology creates a bit of a rough situation for plumbers. On the one hand, new plumbing equipment has an array of benefits. On the other hand, there’s both the financial cost of adopting new technology and the time cost of onboarding your existing teams. You need to pick which ones will make the most impact right away. So, with this in mind, here’s a closer look at some of the new plumbing technology that’s driving innovation across the industry.

Finance Management

When we talk about new plumbing tools, card readers are one of the premier options. Gone are the days where many people expect to pay through a check or cash, so you want to make sure all your teams are ready to take these forms of payment while out on a job. 

It also bears mentioning that there are benefits to the plumbing companies as well. Your business can get funds faster, and there are more security measures than payments made in cash. Plumbing companies should also be looking into accounting software. The old fashioned methods are really only functional for the smallest of companies, and even then, it’s not the most efficient method.

Security Measures

Another piece of new technology for plumbing systems is vehicle tracking devices. Your service vehicles are an essential part of your business, and the last thing you want to do is have them stolen, damaged, or broken into. These devices are based on GPS tech, and allow for real-time tracking of the vehicle speed and location.

If the vehicle is moved after work hours or beyond parameters you set, you can also get an email or text alert. Even outside of preventing theft, GPS tracking is useful to see how efficiently your fleets are heading from customer to customer. If you find one team/employee is showing different metrics than the rest, you can react accordingly.

new plumbing technology
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ProPress Systems

In the past, soldering was the main method plumbers had to use to join pipes together. ProPress provides an alternative method that doesn’t need an open flame, making the work environment safer. As an added bonus, by going this route, plumbing companies don’t need to put the extra time and money into applying for a hot work permit. Instead, these methods use crimping, which means no more draining and drying the system. This is a bit of a double-edged sword for plumbers, as property owners can also buy their own systems, and may opt to do the work themselves rather than hire professionals.

Waterproof Cameras

Many plumbers are already using this tech in some capacity, but it’s become more accessible than ever. Waterproof video cameras make it possible to perform inspections and examinations of pipe to determine issues or potential problems, without having to actually take the piping apart. Many cameras have compatibility with smartphone apps, saving on the number of additional devices your team has to purchase and onboard with.

Marketing Changes

The days of getting a yellow page listing and having your marketing handled are long gone. Now, social media and online directories are the best way to get potential clients. This puts many plumbing companies in an awkward situation. On the one hand, there’s a wider reach of possible clients out there. However, a competent digital marketing presence requires expert skill, whether you’re doing social media, content marketing, or paid ads. Plumbing companies need to decide whether they will train someone on the team, hire someone to handle this work, or reach out to a third-party agency. Ultimately, your budget and availability will guide this decision.

Touchless Technology

Minimizing germ spread has become a priority in every industry due to current events, but in many ways, the plumbing industry was ahead of the curve, with the rise of touchless toilets and faucets. These initially came to prominence in commercial settings, for obvious reasons, but are starting to grow more popular in homes as well. As a result, plumbing companies should be looking into how to install and service this technology to meet the demand.

Smart Irrigation Systems

Chances are that plumbers are going to start seeing a lot more of their clients asking about green technology as it gets more popular, and this one of the standouts. Modern smart irrigation systems are able to monitor the weather forecast and actually avoid watering the lawn if rainfall is anticipated. These also shut off automatically when it starts raining, saving lots of money on utility bills, especially if you live in a rainy area.

These systems also offer a variety of other features, including monitoring soil conditions, plant life, and other environmental data to find the best use of water. These are even connected to a mobile app to make it easier for both property owners and plumbers to use. This is particularly useful for new construction plumbing, as that’s where you will likely see the biggest demand to go green. Other examples include tankless water heaters and greywater recycling.

new plumbing technology
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As a final note, new technology in the plumbing industry isn’t always related to the work itself. Project management software like eSub is the perfect example. This should go right along with other new technology of plumbing systems for the benefits it brings to the table. Our mobile apps and document control software means that you can keep all your essential data in a fully searchable cloud database. Keep track of past work, client requests, new plumbing materials, all while managing your on-site teams with ease. In addition, our modular platform ensures you only buy what you need.