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How to Manage Multiple Construction Projects Successfully

Trade contractors face a significant challenge when managing multiple construction projects simultaneously.

It’s simply impossible to be in two places at one time. Project managers have access to real-time project data and insights so they can monitor and manage construction projects, however many, at the same time. 

“Maintaining a comprehensive view of the entire portfolio is crucial,” writes the Institute of Project Management team. Using traditional paper-and-binder project management processes makes this impossible because data remains siloed.

The solution is construction project management software, like eSUB. The technology digitizes and standardizes documentation methods and centralizes data, giving project managers real-time visibility into all of their projects. This enables them to successfully manage multiple projects at one time.

Technology Facilitates Real-time Communication Across Multiple Projects

Communication plays an instrumental role in the success of construction jobs.

“Just as the foundation supports a building, communication forms the bedrock of successful construction projects,” writes the team at CIC Construction Group. “Without it, misunderstandings arise, mistakes are made, and projects get delayed, leading to cost overruns and dissatisfied stakeholders.” 

That means there’s a lot of pressure on project managers to maintain consistent, transparent communication with all of their project teams. But that’s difficult to do when you have multiple projects running simultaneously.

And it’s exponentially harder when project leaders have to rely on phone calls, emails, and in-person meetings as the primary methods for staying connected with their teams. There’s an elevated risk of delays and miscommunication when calls and messages can be overlooked or missed through these communication channels. 

Construction project management software helps avoid these collaboration hurdles by enabling trade contractors’ to collaborate with all of their project teams in real time no matter where they are physically located that day. 

Through daily reports and field notes, field teams capture job site details that are then stored centrally so project managers can access accurate project data without having to chase it down. Real-time messaging and chat features centralize communication, reducing the need for phone calls and emails.  

The importance of communication in construction cannot be understated. “Effective communication is the backbone of a well-executed construction project, from coordinating tasks and ensuring safety to managing timelines and budgets.” writes Catalyst Construction President Adam Arndt

Easier communication with their teams enables project managers to better ensure successful delivery of jobs. The right software, tailored specifically to the needs of trade contractors, facilitates that high level of collaboration.

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Software Enables Project Managers to Monitor the Progress of Multiple Projects

Construction projects are inherently dynamic, and constantly evolving. Consequently, keeping up with the ongoing progress of multiple projects at the same time is a daunting task for project managers. 

“With various stakeholders, teams, and timelines to manage, keeping track of everything can quickly become overwhelming,” notes the Priority Management team.

Tracking numerous details and nuances for each project makes maintaining visibility nearly impossible if progress reports and critical project data are scattered between teams in binders and spreadsheets. Siloed data prevents project leaders from having the transparency of information they need to effectively guide individual projects to completion.

The only feasible way to keep up with the rapidly changing conditions of every job is through the use of construction project management software. Project stakeholders can easily input information that is then stored in one central location. The software analyzes that data to provide leaders with better insights into project conditions at any moment in time.  

As a result, they can competently juggle multiple jobs simultaneously.

Glazing and cladding services provider, Above All Store Fronts, has critically relied on this capability since adopting eSUB as its project management platform. “The eSUB platform enables all our project managers to do everything the same way and allows for management to easily track each project’s progression,” says Project Manager Dan Tagliaferri. “The construction industry in New York is extremely fast paced, so firms need a program like eSUB to help you handle projects efficiently and allow you to become more successful.”

Don’t let your project managers struggle unnecessarily. Schedule a demo of eSUB Cloud today to learn more about how this software allows them to track the progress of multiple jobs simultaneously so they can deliver more successful projects.

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