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eSUB helps Above All Store Fronts organize and connect office staff and field staff with cloud-based project management and mobile applications to deliver superior business results.


eSUB helps Above All Store Fronts organize and connect office staff and field staff with cloud-based project management and mobile applications to deliver superior business results. eSUB sat down with Dan Tagliaferri, Project Manager, Above All Store Fronts, to hear first-hand why his firm selected eSUB Construction Software.

Client challenges

  • Lacked organization within the team of project managers for tracking purchase orders, job costing, change request, submittals, RFl’s, & correspondence
  • No central repository for all project documentation and correspondence
  • No mobile application for field-to-office communications
  • Limited visibility across all projects
Above All Store Fronts Case Study

“We have always tried to find ways to keep ourselves organized using programs such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook with emails, calendars, and tasks. These tools all help in limited ways, but eSUB was the best project management program and mobile app that met our needs.”

Dan Tagliaferri, Project Manager of Above All Store Fronts

Improving business practices was paramount in migration strategy

What has helped Above All Store Fronts most is being able to utilize eSUB features for handling purchase orders, change requests, submittals, RFI’s, and its drawings in one format as a company standard.

eSUB solution & benefits

  • Significant time savings for people and project activities
  • No more disconnects between the office and field
  • Easy-to-use, easy to adopt by all office and field users
  • Consistent and best practice workflow for POs, cos, Submittals, RFls and Drawings – enables faster and more accurate project delivery and accounting
  • Increased visibility reduces lost revenue and increases productivity and forecasting of all projects

What made eSUB standout was its intuitive platform

Tagliaferri: Having multiple project managers with all different levels of computer knowledge, we were trying to find a program that would work for all users on all levels. Having the mobile application was a huge plus that gave us the ability to help track office to field communications.

eSUB’s dedicated customer support team

Tagliaferri: Working with all the knowledgeable employees at eSUB has been fantastic. Everybody from the sales and implementation team to tech support is truly top notch. Our primary support contact at eSUB has been extremely helpful and patient in working to get Above All Store Fronts users up and running.

Better business results and return on investment (ROI)

Tagliaferri: I can honestly say that the features eSUB offer with document management, correspondence, and the mobile app has already paid for itself. We are no longer second guessing ourselves on whether or not a document was sent in to the general contractor or architect.

We no longer have to wait for our foreman to come back to the office to get new information. It makes life ten times easier and gives you the ability to take on more profitable work. The organization structure within eSUB has saved thousands of dollars in just time alone where we know where our information is at all times.

“The eSUB platform enables all our Project Manager’s to do everything the same way and allows for management to easily track each project’s progression. The construction industry in New York is extremely fast paced, so firms need a program like eSUB to help you handle projects efficiently and allow you to become more successful.”

Dan Tagliaferri, Project Manager of Above All Store Fronts

Streamlining office to field operations

Tagliaferri: Implementing the eSUB platform has helped tremendously with the office to field operations. Our foreman have real-time access to crucial information to help them get the project completed on time and under budget.

Project Managers love having the foreman involved in the mobile app because it cuts out all the miscommunications. You’re getting everything you need right at your fingertips on the mobile app.

About Above All Store Fronts

Above All Store Fronts has been serving Long Island and the surrounding communities with the finest glazing services since 1993. We pride ourselves in completing every project in a professional, workmanlike manner.

We install our own work with our own dedicated labor force. Having an experienced and efficient staff along with the latest Rhino-Fab saw technologies allows for us to be successful. All of us here at Above All Store Fronts are dedicated to being Long Island’s largest curtain wall/store front contractor.

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