green construction building methods

Green Construction Building Methods to Look for This Year

Green Construction Building Methods to Look for This Year


Whenever the word “green” appears in front of something, we all know it usually means it does not harm the environment. This statement is very true, however, what most people do not know is just how much going green is doing positively for the environment and economy, and how much deeply thought out planning is required for “going green.”


Green building is a common term amongst the construction industry and has drawn more attention in recent years. Green building methods go beyond reducing harm to the environment, these methods of construction merge environmentally stable materials, labor methods, and long term planning for buildings to protect and improve the quality of the planet and the landscape surrounding each project.


In past decades, a big problem for the construction industry was the extensive use of non-renewable resources and materials. Construction has taken a step towards using the material with long term efficiency. This is not only a major benefactor to the environment but also a bang for your buck. It is widely assumed that green building is more expensive, however, this is just a misconception and not always the case.


Green Construction


Green Building and the Economy

What many people do not know about the new drive for green construction is the massive boost it has given to the economy. In 2015, it was calculated that the green building industry contributed $134.3 billion in labor income to working Americans. The rise of the green construction industry has also created millions of jobs for Americans, and by the end of this year is expected to account for more than 3.3 million jobs in the U.S.


By contributing billions of dollars to the economy and created hundreds of jobs for working Americans every year as well as contributing to individual states’ tax contributions, these numbers have only been increasing every year and will continue to grow rapidly as green building gains more recognition in the business world.




Green Building Methods on the Rise

One method of green building you may have already seen if you have been on the jobsite is the implementation of biodegradable materials. An impactful part of the construction that is often forgotten is that many times infrastructures must be torn down and disposed before construction of a new project begins. Using recycled and biodegradable materials during construction does the earth a huge benefit in the future; once a building is demolished, it produces great harm on the soil of the land surrounding. Because of this, the construction industry has started to integrate materials that can break down without releasing harmful chemicals into the air and soil.


A popularly known method seen more and more often in construction is solar powered energy. Solar panels saw an increase for not only large commercial buildings but residential homes as well. Solar panels do not require as much material as many people assume making them an excellent return on investment. Solar panels absorb the suns radiation to heat air or water rather than using electricity which produces harmful greenhouse gasses, saving you money and reducing electrical waste.


Green insulation is another easily intergrade method for construction. Fiberglass and wall filling, although necessary to the overall completion of any construction project, is still wall filling. So, why not use entirely recycled materials that can do the same job? For example, cotton installation can be replaced with recycled denim to insulate your house or building. Even fiberglass can be replaced with recycled glass to reduce harm on the environment and longevity of the building.


Construction projects have taken a noticeable approach to storm-water management when mapping out new projects and integrating methods to decrease erosion and environmental harm. Strom-water run off can cause a lot of damage to buildings and infrastructure, especially in urban areas. The erosion of roads can be insanely expensive; project managers are more frequently applying better storm-water plans to their projects by incorporating plants around and even on the roof of buildings to absorb water and even purify it as it passes through the greenery.



The construction industry implementing more and more green building techniques means that everyone reaps the benefits, including the overall quality of our planet. These cost friendly and efficient methods being seen more often in project plans will payoff for our planet in the long run, as well as our fiscal economy. There are no downfalls to green building that can compare to the advantages it brings, which is why green building is so rapidly increasing in America and will continue to do so in the upcoming years.