BIM 360 with eSUB Document

eSUB’s Latest Integration with Autodesk BIM 360 Simplifies Document Management

SAN DIEGO, CA October 9, 2019 – eSUB Construction Software, a leading field data collection and project management platform for trade contractors, has released a new integration with Autodesk’s BIM 360 construction management solution. The new capability of the integration includes eSUB File Anywhere, which allows users to seamlessly send documents created in eSUB, such as Field Notes, RFIs, Submittals, Change Orders and more, to be linked directly into plans and models within Autodesk BIM 360. The combined eSUB-BIM 360 workflow simplifies document management between the field and office, enabling customers to easily complete and track their work on projects.

“Plan-driven, informal communication does a great job at getting answers quickly,” said Wendy Rogers, president, and CEO of eSUB Construction Software. “However, formal documentation is important to preserve the integrity of the construction documentation process. Trade contractors don’t get paid for the work that they do; they get paid for the work that gets documented.”

Working out of eSUB, trade contractors capture activity in the field and follow pre-established workflows to initiate documentation such as RFIs, Submittals and Change Orders. These documents are then linked to the model or plans, which tie directly back to detailed email and correspondence tracking in eSUB.

Ms. Rogers continues, “Now with the updated Autodesk BIM 360 integration, the power of eSUB’s formal documentation workflows link directly to models and plans to maintain an accurate system of record for trade contractors. eSUB and Autodesk BIM 360 combine to deliver a virtual jobsite to the model and plan and make that information accessible to the field team in real-time.”

Plans and models are critical project documents for the field, and they are constantly updated during the construction process due to issues on the jobsite, changes in scope or direction, design errors, and omissions that need further clarification. With the accessibility of plans and models in the field, notes and communications are often managed directly within the documents themselves. While this communication process helps pinpoint the exact location of issues within a document, the informality can become a tedious and repetitive hassle for many trade contractors who have to transfer communications into formal documentation of completed work to be paid.

Project coordinators or project managers in the office use eSUB to create, send, store, track and manage relevant project documentation. Upon document approval from the general contractor, owner or design team, the project coordinator or project manager can hyperlink an eSUB document directly to the plan or model in BIM 360. The foreman can then view and access eSUB documentation details directly from eSUB or through the plan or model in BIM 360.

“Subcontractors comprise the largest percentage of workers on a project, and they have to deal with some of the most critical but tedious documentation processes in construction,” said Josh Cheney, industry manager, construction technology, Autodesk. “Our partnership with eSUB helps streamline subcontractors’ documentation processes so they avoid repetitive work and are empowered to get more work done in less time.”

About eSUB Construction Software

Founded and headquartered in San Diego, eSUB is the leader of web-based project management and document control software designed specifically for trade contractors in the construction industry. Built on 30-plus years of expertise, eSUB’s easy-to-use, software-as-a-service solution helps self-performing contractors increase standardization, accountability, and productivity.

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