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Why I joined eSUB: Erich Litch, CEO

Erich Litch is the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at eSUB Construction Software. Erich brings more than 20 years of executive leadership experience from positions in public and private software companies.   

Erich was most recently President and COO of ecommerce company 2Checkout where he transformed the business to drive growth and profitability leading to a strategic acquisition by Verifone. He previously served as General Manager of Viewpoint North America, a company at the forefront of the construction software industry, where he oversaw sales, professional services, customer success and support. Earlier in his career, Litch ran the Digital Channels division of Fiserv, a global provider of fintech services, and helped significantly grow the business over a four-year period.   

How did you become interested in working at eSUB? 

I have spent almost my entire career in software and have seen the benefits software can have on industries and people’s ability to become more productive and efficient.  I believe construction workers represent a substantial group that has lagged reaping the benefits of technology, and I want to change that.  I have spent some of my career focused on serving the technology needs of the construction industry, and my family is in the construction industry building and enhancing developments.  

I think there is a compelling opportunity to transform the way subcontractors manage their jobs by leveraging more powerful technology solutions.  When I was approached with the eSUB opportunity, it represented a fantastic fit for me.  It was based in my hometown of San Diego.  It had a strong customer base.  It was in an underserved market primed for technology transformation.  And it had strong backing by leading venture capital funds. 

eSUB is on track to revolutionize the construction industry with innovative tech solutions that enable subcontractors to compete in a more connected world. I’m excited to take the helm at such a crucial time when we have significant opportunity to accelerate the company’s growth. 

Everyone at eSUB, from the employees to the board of directors, is extremely passionate about empowering subcontractors with management software and data to optimize workflows. Together, we will drive innovation and help transform the way in which subcontractors manage their businesses. 

What are some of the most interesting aspects of your role?  

I enjoy working in all areas of a business from the development of the product to the servicing of the customers.  So the fact that I get to be involved in all areas is extremely fulfilling. 

What was your journey to becoming Chief Executive Officer?  

I have held executive leadership roles in public and private software companies for the last 20 years, sometimes running every function of a part of a large company and sometimes running a group of functions inside other companies.  I have managed every function in my past, but this is the first time I will be managing every function of a single company.  I take it as an honor, especially because I am taking over from a founder that has brought me in and has built such a compelling company. 

What are your values or principles? 

Trust is one of the most important values I hold dear.  You have to be able to trust those you work with and those whose products you use in your daily business activities.  So I place a lot of emphasis on building trust and making sure we earn the trust of our employees and customers.  After that, I place the greatest value on excellence.  I believe we owe each other and our customers our very best, and that should be a very high standard of excellence.  If we earn trust and deliver excellence, the rest should take care of itself. 

What are your keys to success and growth? 

We must provide the most compelling value proposition with our solutions and provide superior customer service in supporting our customers’ use of those solutions.  If we do that, success and growth are inevitable. 

Erich will tell his story in a few upcoming podcast interviews in the coming weeks. The eSUB team will share more news with our eSUB Family as the interview dates a set and recordings made available! 

eSUB’s cloud-based project management solution was designed specifically for construction subcontractors, giving them a real-time view and account of their workers, enabling efficient work management within an easy-to-use platform.

If you would like to improve your management processes so you don’t experience construction labor shortages, schedule a demo to learn how eSUB can help.

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