construction equipment theft

Construction Equipment Theft: Don’t Be a Victim

Construction Equipment Theft: Don’t Be a Victim

With the extremely high cost of construction equipment, theft can have a huge impact on construction business owners. While keeping a more secure construction site may seem like a simple solution, it’s not as easy as it seems. Often times theft can be coming from the inside, which makes it difficult to determine the thief. Other times, neglected inventory can cause you to not even realize that something is missing.


In order to better prevent construction site theft, let’s look at a few effective measures you can take.


Conduct extensive background checks on all employees
Although we’d all like to believe the best in each other, conducting background checks is extremely important. You need to know that you can trust your employees 100 percent. They will be around expensive equipment and it is vital that you trust they won’t steal anything.


Monitor all job site access
Monitoring job site access will help you to keep track of everyone that comes into your construction site. With the busy and hectic nature of construction projects, it is extremely easy for people to come onto a site undetected and steal something. With new security technology, you can ensure that you know who has accessed your site and equipment. This will keep you in the know, preventing any construction site theft.


Keep good inventory
It is important that you catalog all inventory on your site. Keeping track of all the little things will help ensure that nothing is missing. Neglected inventory will make it that much harder to find stolen equipment if something does go missing.


Store your equipment safely
When no one is around the construction site, move your equipment to somewhere safe. If it is laying out in plain sight for anyone to see, there is a much higher chance of theft.


Mark your equipment
Keep your equipment safe by marking it with unique characteristics. If something goes missing, a unique sign or symbol can help law enforcement to track down the equipment.


Invest in strong security measures
While it may cost you money upfront, investing in strong security measures will save you money in the long run. Strong locks and surveillance cameras can help you monitor all areas of your site at all times. It also might be worth it to hire around the clock certified security guards. That way you can rest assured your equipment is safe even when you’re not around.


Conduct extensive training
It is important that everyone on your site is trained on what to do should any criminal incident occur. Your employees need to be trained on what do if something happens and how to help prevent it from happening in the first place.

While construction theft is impossible to prevent entirely, with a little extra effort you can significantly reduce the chance of it happening. Stop leaving your site vulnerable to theft and invest in construction site security measures today!