Coronavirus Toolkit

Continuity of Business Operations: Construction During COVID-19 Toolkit

Construction During COVID-19 Toolkit

First and foremost, I hope you, your family, friends, and colleagues are all safe and healthy during this tumultuous time. Beyond that, history proves that our ability to preemptively ACT versus REACT to uncertainty and crisis, is directly correlated to our success coming out the other side.

When governments mandated the move to community containment and lockdowns, many companies, especially trade contractors, were not prepared. At eSUB, it’s been our experience that while the operations teams have utilized our platform to manage projects and collaborate with the field remotely, the rest of the organization did not have the IT infrastructure to support a fully remote model.

Drawing on our years of assisting skilled trades to optimize team performance and profits, we’ve developed this construction during COVID-19 Toolkit as an out- of- the- box resource for you to manage your teams through the construction during COVID-19 process, and transition more successfully to remote work options. This is the same process we deployed internally at eSUB and we welcome you to tweak and share with your teams. Consider it the Cliffs Notes of Corona.

Construction During COVID-19

Professional Development and Training:

Managing projects is very dynamic, and traditionally the day-to-day of your teams are very busy. With your office transitioning to remote work and jobsites moving at a slower pace to maintain social distancing protocols, this period may be useful to invest in professional development of your team. This week, we are hosting a virtual eSUB Academy. For new users or refresher training, you will walk away with helpful tips and several “a-ha” moments to take your eSUB use to the next level. These 1-hour sessions will be recorded so that your team can watch them on-demand.

Trade Associations

We are members of many trade associations, and they have compiled thorough resources to benefit their members. They list the latest updates on how your trade is being affected, how they are advocating on your behalf, access to community forums, and additional professional development resources.

A New Way of Working

As COVID-19 passes, remote work will be the new normal. FlexJobs found that 76% of workers would be more willing to stay with their current employer if remote work were an option. While a majority of construction includes work in the field, the industry is moving towards pre-fabrication where more work can be done away from the jobsite. A new way of working and a new of building lies ahead of us.

For now, it’s about staying positive, active, and as productive as possible as we get through this together.

Don’t Leave Your Subcontracting Project Management to Chance

To set themselves up for long-term success, business leaders must focus on implementing systems that will help them get there. Investing in contractor documentation software might seem like an expensive option, but the ROI over the long run will pay off in less stress through better organization, scalability, and clear oversight into your projects.

eSUB is the only field-first contractor documentation software built for commercial subcontractors. We’ve made our software simple to use, enabling you to increase your bottom line and get to doing the stuff that matters. Contact us for a free consultation.

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Staying safe, healthy, and productive,

Wendy Rogers