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Breaking Down the Barriers to Achieve Higher Construction Productivity

Breaking Down the Barriers to Achieve Higher Construction Productivity

Productivity barriers are something that all businesses deal with at some point or another and the construction industry is no exception. Whether its higher costs, additional risks, or lack of innovation, productivity barriers can have devastating effects on construction business efficiency.

So, what are these barriers and what can we do to overcome them?

Availability of Skilled Workforce

As the baby boomer generation begins to retire, so does the construction forces most skilled workers. With so many construction workers beginning to retire, the workforce is dwindling with little enthusiasm from the younger generations. Construction jobs are no longer seen as a desirable career and the construction industry is struggling to overcome this barrier. While this may seem like a detrimental issue, technology can help to overcome it. With new construction software applications and technological advances in construction equipment, the lack of a skilled workforce can be overcome. 50 years ago technology was not readily available at everyone’s fingertips. Today it is! Instead of wasting your time looking for the perfect skilled craftsman, use technology to train and help your workforce. In regards to people’s perception of the construction industry as an undesirable profession, change the conversation. Educate the younger generations about the cutting edge technology now being used in the construction industry. Stereotypes and misconceptions are meant to be challenged so take the extra effort to target the younger workforce. They are interested in technology and you can show them that the construction industry is too!

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Culture and Behavior

Culture and behavior is a huge factor in worker’s level of job satisfaction. In the construction industry, this is one area that is severely lacking. One cultural barrier that is often talked about is the construction industries lack of importance on innovation. Many people see the construction industry as outdated and stubborn to change. Although the change may be hard when you are used to a certain way of doing things, this barrier can be overcome with an open mind. As mentioned above, technology is at our fingertips which means that innovation is also at our fingertips. Be open to new ways of doing things and try to implement innovation and fresh ideas. Your workers and potential workforce will appreciate the focus on innovation.

One behavioral barrier that remains a problem is the lack of collaboration across the supply chain. The construction industry has struggled with promoting collaboration within project teams which has led to unhappy workers. The simple solution to this is to put increased emphasis on promoting teamwork. This can be implemented through daily team meetings and discussions amongst all position levels. Devoting resources to your team will not only increase satisfaction and collaboration but foster innovation as well.



Efficient communication amongst construction teams is a barrier that all businesses face on a daily basis. With so many different individuals working together, including field workers, contractors, architects, and suppliers, it’s no wonder that communication is so difficult. Luckily, affordable mobile construction software such as eSUB offers a quick streamlined solution to all of your communication problems. With mobile software, your team can edit and communicate through instant messaging and collaborative document sharing in real-time. This means no more time delays or chasing down personnel! Construction software makes life easier for everyone on your team while boosting your productivity at the same time.

As our world continues to change, we need to adapt and welcome the challenges that come with it. Although the new barriers may seem discouraging, they also offer an excellent opportunity for us to improve the construction industry as a whole. The prospects are endless if you embrace the change!

If your teams are struggling with sharing construction project data, unable to get people in sync or spending too much time on unproductive work, eSUB might be able to help. Contact us today to schedule a demo.


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