10 Best Construction Time-Lapse Videos of 2017...so far

10 Best Construction Time-Lapse Videos of 2017…so far

Everyone loves a time-lapse, don’t they? Inspired by our discovery that cranes build themselves and that you can watch it on a time-lapse video on YouTube, we’re excited to present you with the top ten coolest and best construction time-lapse videos of 2017. There are some brand-new videos mixed in with some older favorites, but we think you’ll love these videos that show projects from start to finish in just a few minutes. Let us know what you think in the comments section below!


Rogers Place Construction Time Lapse – This aerially photographed time-lapse shows the construction of Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, an impressive stadium built to house the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers. The stadium was completed in September 2016, and boasts the largest scoreboard in the NHL – it measures 46ft x 46ft x 36ft!


56 Leonard Construction Time Lapse – This short video details the construction of the high-rise at 56 Leonard in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood. The residential building was constructed between March 2014 and December 16 and features a modern exterior with glass panels. The 57-storey building stands 250m tall, and the penthouse suite was recently sold for a cool $35 million.


AIDAprima Cruise Ship Time Lapse – This cinematic masterpiece captures the construction of the AIDAprima cruise ship being built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) for the German firm AIDA Cruises. The ship will accommodate up to 3,300 passengers in 1,643 staterooms with a gross weight of 124,500t. When operational, MHI’s proprietary technologies will be used to reduce fuel consumption by 7% and filter harmful emissions like nitrogen and sulfur oxides.


MS Harmony of the Seas Time Lapse – Built by STX France at the Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard in Saint-Nazaire for Royal Caribbean International, the MS Harmony of the Seas holds the title of World’s Biggest Cruise Ship with a gross tonnage in excess of 225,000t. The magnificent vessel is nearly five times the size of the Titanic and carries a maximum of 8,461 crew and passengers.


Minnesota Vikings U.S. Bank Stadium Time Lapse – Between the start of its construction in January 2014 and its completion in September of 2016, EarthCam created hundreds of thousands of HD images of the construction of this state-of-the-art NFL stadium. Vikings fans will miss the old Metrodome, but we’re already in love with this impressive new monument to the game.


Panama Canal Expansion Time Lapse – This may be the most massive construction project ever captured on time lapse – first used in 1914, the Panama Canal was expanded as part of a massive infrastructure project between 2011 and 2016. Witness, in under three minutes, the sheer magnitude of the project which cost over $5.4 billion.


Krispy Kreme Construction Time Lapse – From the monumental to the mundane, we wanted to include an everyday video that isn’t so much larger than life. This Krispy Kreme store was constructed in Homewood, Illinois between September 2016 and January 2017. At just over a minute long, you can tell just how efficiently developers can make a donut shop out of nothing.


Pool Construction Time Lapse – Planning a home or outdoor improvement project? At nearly nine minutes long, this video shows in relatively high detail the steps involved in constructing an in-ground pool on your property. That’s a lot of concrete just to beat the heat, but when you see the beautiful result at the end of this video, it might be just the inspiration you need to rent that excavator and get to work.


Brock Commons Time Lapse – The University of British Columbia built this 18-storey residence mostly out of wood, reflecting the institution’s commitment to sustainability. The building was also designed to meet LEET Gold certification. The residence opened in July 2017, and houses over 400 students with study and social spaces and a student lounge included.


Torre Reforma Skyscraper Time Lapse – The Torre Reforma is the tallest building in Mexico City and a clear statement of ambition on the part of developers. With its cantilever design, the structure achieves a high square footage compared to its relatively small triangular footprint and hopes to be the first tower in Latin America to achieve International LEED Platinum certification. Conscious of Mexico’s seismic activity, the building was built to withstand a 2500yr seismic event.



Time lapse videos are an incredible way to view a project from start to finish. Moreso than reading plans or reviewing timelines, a visual representation forms a powerful story in our minds that connects the start and end of a project in just a short time period. Whether you’re watching a massive shipbuilding firm construct the largest cruise ship in the world, or cranes help to dig out the extension of a 100-year-old canal, you’re witnessing in just minutes something that took months or even years to accomplish.


We hope these videos expand your mind and inspire you to strive for the incredible, or even the impossible, on your next construction project.