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Kasper Electric stays laser focused on the health of their projects using eSUB Construction Software.

eSUB’s broad range of mobile features and project capabilities helps electrical contractors reconcile project financials using QuickBooks accounting and increases communication to keep field teams at peak performance.


Founded in 1978, Kasper Electric is a second-generation family-owned business based in Jupiter, Florida that has grown significantly over the years through hard work and high customer satisfaction. Because of this growth, and reliance on traditional paper processes and limited technology, the company had difficulty reconciling financials. They didn’t know how much work was lost on jobs or where operations and communication failures could be improved.

After reviewing many construction management software programs – some designed for general contractors, or accounting and estimating software with rudimentary subcontractor features, Kasper discovered eSUB Construction Software. A couple of weeks later, their team was fully trained and using the platform’s expansive feature set and mobile application on the first project.

Project Health Indicators

Today, Kasper Electric’s Management Team is laser focused on project health after implementing eSUB. eSUB’s easy-to-use features offer Kasper new capabilities designed for process improvements, so adoption was quick and stress-free. “Our team gets together weekly to assess each project’s health using real-time labor, time, cost, material, and forecast data for analysis. Today, we are increasing profit margins on the smallest of details while at the same time delivering the very best services to customers,” said Carmen Carbone, Director of Business Development, Kasper Electric.

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The Right Solution for Subcontractors

“eSUB’s Service and Training was very smooth because they understood our way of doing business – the subcontractor way of doing things, which is very different from needs of General Contractors,” said Mr. Carbone. “eSUB’s extensive capabilities, such the correspondence Toolbox, are designed exclusively for subcontractors. The overall ease of use of eSUB is intended for all types of users (Accounting, Project Management, Executives, and Field Workers), which makes adoption manageable.”

An Easy-to-Use Collaborative Tool

Kasper Electric’s field team varies in age from baby boomers to millennials. “Our team consists of many generations and all of them are enjoying the reporting and timecard features,” Mr. Carbone, said. Carmen singles out eSUB’s ability to create a more collaborative environment within the business as one of its greatest benefits. “Before implementing eSUB, we would have multiple job roles all using paper –field foreperson, workers, supervisors, project managers, and accountants all relying on memory. It wasn’t exactly together from mobile devices with single points of data entry optimizes our workflows.”

As well as the collaboration benefits, Kasper Electric has seen big improvements thanks to the use of eSUB’s Field Works mobile app. “We have been able to reduce costs and mistakes substantially because there’s no longer the need to send lengthy documents, drawings, and plans out to the field and vice versa. It’s all right there on their mobile devices to make accurate decisions and continue finishing the job. eSUB bridges the gap between your greenhorn workers and your most senior technicians. Everyone can use it,” he said.

A Confidence Builder for the Back Office

Kasper Electric has been using QuickBooks for a while, so having excellent accounting software alongside innovative project management software left them yearning for a closer integration between the two.

eSUB is the only full-featured subcontractor project management suite that “push and pulls” accounting data with QuickBooks,eliminating the need to enter data manually into multiple systems, and giving management the power to forecast accurately and monitor project health from anywhere. The accounting team using Payroll has experienced significant process improvement.

“Every week, our management team has complete real-time data to stay laser focused on project health.”

Carmen Carbone, Director of Business Development for Kasper Electric

“It was an enormous headache to have to enter contracts, change orders, and POs in two separate places. That duplicate entry felt like wasted effort and resources and doubled the risk of human error that can lead to great losses,” said Mr. Carbone.

The ease-of-use aspect of eSUB has customers like Kasper Electric excited about the system. “Our back office employee went on vacation, so I had to fill in and having eSUB saves at least 2.5 hours a week in payroll, alone. Also, using cost codes and enabling field staff to do daily reports saves more time and increases data accuracy exponentially.”

Building the Bridge I Project Management to Accounting

Building the Bridge I Project Management to Accounting Carmen was delighted finally to have a rock solid bridge between QuickBooks and eSUB Project Management. “With duplicate entry, one of the two systems is receiving the data at a different time–perhaps four hours apart, maybe even longer. However, projections and decisions relating to the job are happening continually throughout the day, so there’s a huge possibility for error and confusion,” he said.

Return-On-Investment (ROI)

With all the seamless process improvements, improved accuracy in financials, and increased project health visibility, Kasper Electric knows eSUB has already paid for itself and continues to play a crucial role in every user’s daily work.

About Kasper Electric

Founded in the 1970’s, Kasper Electric is a Commercial and Residential Electrician providing electrical contractors, repairs, outdoor lighting and more in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Lake Worth, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and West Palm Beach, Florida.

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