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Avoiding delays and miscommunications are paramount to saving the firm valuable time and money.


Eckstine Electric was disappointed in using a project management program for years that was not flexible or configurable, and unfriendly to their Sage accounting software system. The construction firm tried for years to make the system work with promises to increase their team’s productivity. However, it never delivered on these promises.“We tried to find ways to make the system work, but it wasn’t flexible enough to help our team manage projects more efficiently. The program ended up underutilized and more of a hindrance than productivity enabler, said Renee McEntee, Lead Project Coordinator at Eckstine Electric.

Finally, Eckstine began to look at replacement web-based construction management platforms and discovered eSUB for mobile and cloud-based project management and document control. After looking at different products, eSUB was the best fit since it was mobile, cloud-based and flexibly designed for subcontractors.

Client Challenges

  • Flexible & scalable software to manage project delivery
  • User-friendly and speed of web-based system
  • Field access to project files
  • Field foreman lacked overall project visibility

“Instead of being inundated with paper, our workers are more focused on profit-bearing tasks and contributing to the bottom line. The benefits of using a system tailored for project delivery and business management has saved thousands of dollars in time alone and knowing where our project information is at all times.”

Renee McEntee, Lead Project Coordinator of Eckstine Electrical

eSUB Solution & Benefits

  • Frequent online enhancements and product updates
  • Quantifiable time savings for people and project activities
  • Increased communications between the office and field
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-train all employees
  • Best practice workflows for POs, submittals, RFIs, and drawings – enables faster and more accurate project delivery and accounting
  • Increased project visibility reduces lost time and revenue, and increases productivity
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Better tools for the field; streamlining work in the office

Our foreman now have real-time access to crucial information to help them get the project completed on time and under budget. Project Managers love having the foreman involved in the mobile app because it cuts out all the miscommunications. All of the data collected in the field creates “a single source of truth” and provides these specific benefits:Increasing Project Visibility – The field and office staff have increased visibility of the entire project vs. having partial insight or having to log into different systems to find information.

Streamline Processes – Field Foreman no longer have to log into the system to perform work with real-time labor, time, and project activities being reported and tracked. Workflows from the field to the office are streamlined to reduce paper and missed billing opportunities.Increased Communications – Users can quickly access all project files and email all stakeholders directly from their smartphones without having to log into a separate system.

Client success implementation & train-the-trainer

“Working with all the knowledgeable eSUB employees has been amazing,” said Ms. McEntee. “The staff understands how Electrical subcontractors work and step-by-step procedures for getting on-boarded made it easy to roll out.” The Client Success team includes training the trainer methods for enabling clients to quickly train employees.


Imagine not having to run to a scanner, printer, or collect signatures on all POs, submittals, RFI’s, and daily reports, and other documents.

“eSUB replaces manual processes with digital delivery workflow (preview, submitted, approved, etc.) to keep projects on schedule and efficiently increases employee productivity by 10-25%, per week.”

Renee McEntee, Lead Project Coordinator of Eckstine Electrical

About Eckstine Electrical

Established in 1954, Eckstine Electric Company is a versatile electrical contracting company. We can assist you in all aspects of electrical work, from high voltage to design/assist. The key to our success is our relentless focus on the basic factors that drive project outcome to be on-time and on-budget work done with accurate, reliable and safe performance. Eckstine Electric Company’s specialty is large electrical projects, such as water treatment plants. We have also assisted with the design of parks for cities and counties.

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