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Move On from Paper Timesheets by Implementing Construction Timesheet Software

Move On From Paper Timesheets by Implementing Construction Timesheet Software


The construction industry is slowly adopting automation and technology in many of the industry’s core or back office business practices. Paper timesheets, while a thing of the past in many other industries, are still going strong in the construction industry. The move from paper timesheets to construction timesheet software is an important time and money saving move and investment any business should make.


Accurate Time Tracking

With paper timesheets, employees have to either remember at the end of the day or week all of their starts and stops – the time they made it to the jobsite, their lunch break, and the time they went home. This system leaves too much room for human mathematical error or worse, deception. These mistakes cost businesses about 2% per payroll period according to the American Payroll Association. By implementing construction timesheet software or a timesheet app that tracks location, construction businesses will have more accurate time tracking and will know if someone punched in before they actually got to the location preventing time theft.



Overtime is unavoidable in construction. Sometimes to meet a job deadline or to finish a project overtime occurs. But businesses can choose to set alerts or approvals on some construction timesheet software to know when employees are entering overtime. This helps business owners and foremen to stay informed on who is nearing overtime and make executive decisions on whether or not to approve the overtime for that specific assignment. Having knowledge and control over overtime before timesheets are turned in will your firm increase its profits.


Protected from the Unknown

Switching from paper to a construction timesheet software solution protects your business from false or inaccurate timesheets. You can’t be everywhere at once, and paper timesheets are easy to fill out without having set foot on the project site. While people are usually honest, sometimes a bad decision can hurt your business. Using a timesheet app prevents this behavior and mitigates risks. With your time sheet data being stored in the cloud, you’re also protected from the elements with easy access. All timesheet data is stored in a virtual directory you can easily access in real time. No more searching through file cabinets for original timesheets, they’ll be all in one place.


Benefits to Your Back Office

With paper timesheets, you or your back office team have to input the information from every timesheet manually. But sometimes the information on a paper timesheet isn’t legible. So now you or your back office team have to track down your workers to verify information. Or you have to track down workers to get the timesheet from them. By switching to a construction time app, all of that information is approved and automatically passed into your payroll and billing software, eliminating the need to find individual timesheets and inputting the information into payroll, and saving your business time and money.  How many hours a week does your back office team spend doing payroll?  Cut this time by fifty percent.


Lower Costs

Between inaccurate reporting, the cost of paper and ink, and the extra time you have to spend to find timesheets, you’re losing time and money. Switching to a construction timesheet app reduces time, resource and labor costs across the board. It’s not just environmentally friendlier; it also reduces the amount of space you need for storage because all the data is in the cloud, so you won’t need to spend money on new filing cabinets.


Ease of Use

Paper timesheets are often used because they seem easier to use than a software program, or a software solution might seem expensive. However, inaccurate payroll information costs your business money, and construction timesheet software isn’t difficult to use or implement. Many common problems of paper timesheets are having to either find the timesheet template on your computer and print out new copies for each employee and hope they don’t lose or forget it, or printing poor quality copies. A time tracking app works on your employees’ phones and loads to the cloud. So data isn’t lost, and it’s real-time.


Change is hard if you make it difficult.  However, the construction industry is moving forward with new technology and automation designed to improve your business processes, increase productivity and profits. Paper timesheets are no longer a viable solution to your business’s time keeping needs. Paper is actually increasing your cost of doing business.


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