How to Manage Construction Submittals: What Subcontractors Need to Know

How to Manage Construction Submittals: What Subcontractors Need to Know

Construction submittals are an important part of the documentation process. Submittals are how contractors inform architects and engineers about the materials they plan to use and how they will complete the project. They ensure that major systems will have the appropriate utilities hooked up. As well as that the structure will match the specifications set forth by the engineers and architects. As such, it’s important to manage construction submittals properly.


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What Are Construction Submittals?

Construction submittals cover many types of construction documents. Contractors and subcontractors must submit them before work starts on a construction project. Documents used for construction submittals can include drawings, schedules, diagrams, other points of data created by the subcontractor or contractor. The goal is to show the general contractor how the project will be completed and ensure that everything will be in place and to specifications. Construction submittals are detailed in the contract between general contractors and subcontractors. The contract will state which documents contractors must submit before work starts. Which is another reason why construction submittals are important because subcontractors that submit the appropriate documents show that they’ve read and paid attention to the contract documents.


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Managing Construction Submittals: The General Contractor and Architect

On the side of the general contractor and architects, they draw up a list of necessary submittals they’ll need. This list identifies the submittals needed and puts the list together into the project guide or manual. From there, the general contractor or whoever is in charge of the actual project will create a schedule for the submittals. This will list the submittals needed from each group involved in the project, what it should include, and when it’s due. This is so the general contractor will have the right documentation when it’s due, and know who still needs to submit.


General contractor, architects, and projects suffer when submittals aren’t turned in on schedule. Especially since subcontractors must submit them before the project starts. The general contractor and architects or engineers must approve submittals, especially if there are any changes. Because they’re responsible for ensuring that any changes will work without causing any delays or rework.


Managing Construction Submittals: Subcontractors

Depending on the amount of work a subcontractor is doing, the submittal process can be stressful and sometimes gets disorganized. The projects often require a lot from subcontractors to ensure that everything is in order. Originally, subcontractors had to submit all paperwork in paper form; however, many general contractors are switching to electronic solutions. Fortunately, subcontractors have electronic solutions available to them as well.


Submittal management tools help subcontractors put together submittals. Good submittal management tools let you enter all line items into their software and attach other documents and data points. Then it pushes the line items into a professional looking submittal. Good management software for construction submittals will also send the submittal with all attached documents. This saves subcontractors time and headaches because the submittal will show as sent within their software. Users can push replies into the submittal management program. So subcontractors will have one location they can use to determine the status of all submittals and manage progress on all submittals.


Why Choose a Construction Submittal Management Software

While many construction companies, architectural firms, and engineering companies are switching to electronic solutions, not all of them are using submittal management solutions. Construction submittal management software offers users the ability to create submittals in the software and store relevant documents together. By storing all submittal documents together, it’s easier to see whether all documents are in order.


For subcontractors, it helps them know who still needs to draft documents or what needs to be tracked down. General contractors know who has submitted and what the next steps for the follow ups are with the help of the submittal software. It helps both sides prevent delays and unexpected rework.

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