What We Love About Our Clients

What We Love About Our Clients

This Valentine’s Day we want to profess our love to all the subcontractors and trade contractors in  the world! Subcontractors and trade contractors literally build the world around us, and all too often don’t get the praise or recognition they deserve. As the leading field data collection and labor productivity for trade contractors and subcontractors, our mission at eSUB is to make our hard-working subcontractors more productive and profitable. Here’s what we do to try to help our subs build their projects within schedule and budget.

Increase Efficiency and Accuracy

Clients love the increased project efficiency and data accuracy they get when using eSUB. Using eSUB’s Field Works app, and daily report feature, trade contractors can easily input that day’s activities. Users can easily transfer the Field Notes to Daily Reports giving companies a view of what happened on the site that day.

“eSUB replaces manual processes with digital delivery workflows to keep projects on schedule and efficiently increases employee productivity by 10-25%, per week.” – Renee McEntee, Eckstine Electric.

“I can honestly say that the features eSUB offer with document management, correspondence, and the mobile app has already paid for itself… It makes life ten times easier and gives you the ability to take on more profitable work. The organization structure within eSUB has saved thousands of dollars in just time alone where we know where our information is at all times.” – Dan Tagliaferri, Above All Store Fronts.

Real-Time Project Health

Clients love knowing their project’s health in real-time like they get when they use eSUB. Using the Daily Reports and Field Notes, clients have more visibility into their projects. This means they can see many small problems before they become larger issues

“Our team gets together weekly to assess each project’s health using real-time labor, time, cost, material, and forecast data for analysis. Today, we are increasing profit margins on the smallest of details while at the same time delivering the very best services to customers.” – Carmen Carbone, Kasper Electric.

“We use the field notes to generate job progress reports that can be sent to customers as well as using it to create inspection reports,” Joy Painton, Pico Volt LLC.

“It gives us a competitive advantage over any other subcontractor still using paper; being able to have live, up-to-the-minute data in the palm of your hand is essential,” Marty Siebe, Ground Breakers.

“When we reviewed eSUB, it had many benefits that directly improved our daily business practices and increased visibility of projects,” Brandon Paslay, New Way Electric.


Clients love how eSUB provides standardized workflows, forms, and other processes. eSUB’s standardized workflows and automated workflows mitigate risks.

“We have consistent workflow processes, standard forms (with digital signatures), and statuses to ensure every activity and document is managed and tracked. The integrated email capabilities enable us to have point-and-click capabilities and monitor all communication within the project file,” Renee McEntee, Eckstine Electric.

“Before implementing eSUB, we would have multiple job roles all using paper –field foreperson, workers, supervisors, project managers, and accountants all relying on memory. It wasn’t exactly fertile ground for collaboration. Now we’re all on the same cloud-based system, so interacting and working together from mobile devices with single points of data entry optimizes our workflows,” Carmen Carbone, Kasper Electric.

Ease of Use

Clients love eSUB because it is easy to use and implement. eSUB’s easy to follow workflows and easy to implement app makes it easy for companies to onboard their employees. Not to mention eSUB’s friendly and knowledgeable support staff that can answer even the most difficult questions.

“The [eSUB] staff understands how electrical subcontractors work and step-by-step procedures for getting on-boarded made it easy to roll out.” Renee McEntee, Eckstine Electric.

“eSUB’s Service and Training was very smooth because they understood our way of doing business – the subcontractor way of doing things, which is very different from [the] needs of general contractors.” Carmen Carbone, Kasper Electric.

“The platform has many modules, and we’re continually working with eSUB’s Client Success Team to take advantage of new capabilities.” Marty Siebe, Ground Breakers.

“Working with all the knowledgeable employees at eSUB has been fantastic. Everybody from the sales and implementation team to tech support is truly top notch. Our primary support contact at eSUB has been extremely helpful and patient in working to get Above All Store Fronts users up and running.” Dan Tagliaferri, Above All Store Fronts.

Increase Return on Investment

Probably the biggest reason why clients love eSUB is the return they see on their technology investment. Our clients regularly save more by using eSUB than they have with any other system.

“Instead of being inundated with paper, our workers are more focused on profit-bearing tasks and contributing to the bottom line. The benefits of using a system tailored for project delivery and business management has saved us thousands of dollars in time alone.” Renee McEntee, Eckstine Electric.

“The most value we’ve seen from using eSUB has been the ability to access information from anywhere with an Internet connection and on any device. Being able to upload files and submit reports from our central office and tell our foreman in the field that they are now on his or her tablet is a significant benefit.” Marty Siebe, Ground Breakers.