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Construction Project Management Software Demystified: What Trade Contractors Need to Know

Many trade contractors hesitate to adopt new construction project management software even though the technology can bring significant benefits to their business. Often, it’s because they are intimidated by the unknown or have misconceptions about the technology. 

Hesitancy “often stems from not fully understanding the potential applications and benefits of the technology, or the ease with which training on the appropriate hardware/software systems can occur,” writes the BIM Learning Center team.

But there’s no reason to be afraid of construction project management software, like eSUB. Its purpose and functionality are really quite simple. It’s a user-friendly platform that has everything you need to run a more efficient and profitable business in one place. Let us simplify for you how your business will benefit from this technology.  

The Technology Optimizes Document Control

Document control is one of the biggest challenges trade contractors face. 

Construction projects produce vast amounts of documents and managing these in an efficient way so everyone has access to real-time information is critical to project success. If everyone isn’t on the same page at the same time, project quality suffers and your projects are more likely to run over schedule and over budget.

Managing such high volumes of paperwork is nearly impossible to do if you are using pencil-and-paper or even Excel spreadsheets. These methods carry inherent risks such as human error, lost documents, version control, and delayed submissions, all of which negatively impact project decision-making and progress.

These are problems that construction project management software solves for you by digitizing document submission and storing all of your project documents in one centralized location. 

As explained in an article on The Constructor, document centralization ensures “that all the team members refer to the same updated version of a document and not an older version, hence receiving the same, latest, and accurate information.” This “real-time access to required information increases the flow of services and maintains productivity.”

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The Software Helps You Address the Most Common Project Problems by Centralizing Data

Better document control results in the centralization of project data which can help you avoid problems that derail projects and cost you money. Here’s a look at how construction project management software prevents three of the most common problems that will hinder your progress — budget overruns, project delays, and rework. 

Avoid Budget Overruns

It’s incredibly easy for a project to run over budget especially if you don’t have the ability to track project costs in real time. Without accurate costs, it’s impossible for you to know if your projects are operating within the budget. “Driving blind is not a great way to manage a company or a project,” writes George Hedley, a certified professional construction business coach.

The software helps you take control of project budgets by enabling you to more accurately track actual project costs. When data is centralized, you can be sure it is the most up-to-date cost data available and you can make informed project decisions based on that information. 

Mitigate Project Delays

Project delays are almost inevitable in construction. It’s how you react to them that determines the damage they do. 

To keep the impact of delays to a minimum, you must be able to make quick decisions. You don’t have that level of flexibility if your data isn’t centralized. If it’s scattered about (for example, in different binders possessed by different project teams), it’s impossible for you to gain real-time insights so you can make fast decisions that will mitigate the impact of delays. 

Construction project management software gives you the ability to make quick decisions. It centralizes project data so you have access to real-time insights to guide those decisions that will help ensure on-time delivery of projects. 

Minimize Rework

Rework derails every part of a construction project. 

“It is at the top of the list for the most inefficient activities that take place at a construction site,” explains Archie Alexander, director of construction at H+M Industrial EPC. Rework can cause the following issues:

  • It contributes to budget overruns.
  • It throws projects off schedules.
  • It drains worker morale.
  • It damages your company’s reputation. 

You want to do all you can to avoid rework, and construction project management software helps you by addressing the key issues that lead to it — miscommunication, bad data, and unclear documentation processes. By standardizing documentation processes, the technology is capable of centralizing data so you can be sure that all project information is current and relevant. This, in turn, reduces the risk of miscommunication. 

There’s nothing mysterious or overly complicated about the software. It is designed to make it easier for you to run a more efficient and profitable business. Now that you know the basics of its capabilities, there’s no reason not to adopt this critical technology. 

Schedule a demo of eSUB Cloud today to learn more about how construction project management software will benefit your business.

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