Top 4 Challenges Construction Consulting Professionals Face in Their Field

Top 4 Challenges Construction Consulting Professionals Face in Their Field

Construction consulting firms and professionals are a useful tool in construction. For stakeholders, they can help manage a construction project and find everyone needed for the project. For builders, they can help with scheduling, quality assurance, and other key issues they face. Here are the top 4 challenges construction consulting professionals face in their field.

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What Do Construction Consulting Professionals Do?

Construction consulting professionals can have a variety of jobs on a site. Depending on what they’re hired to do, construction consulting professionals could hold a variety of jobs. Sometimes construction consultants will act as construction managers, other times they assist construction managers in a specific field, like scheduling. Whatever they are doing, they’re experts in the field and can help construction professionals achieve their project goals. Some construction consultants can even help with quality assurance and quality control. More importantly, many can review the construction processes in the pre-construction phase which can greatly impact a project.

Construction Consulting Challenges

Every job has its challenges and construction consulting isn’t any different. While their challenges are more often different from other jobs in construction, they do face some similar challenges. Issues like government regulations, labor, and legal issues are common factors and challenges in construction. They are all issues that construction businesses have to vary of when they enter into a project and generally try to mitigate. However, the role of the construction consulting professional is to be the expert and help these companies mitigate risks in a variety of fields. Construction consulting professionals face these challenges differently than construction companies since their reputation is built on assuring that they can help construction professionals avoid these challenges and risks.


Depending on the size of a project, a construction consultant could face workforce issues. Some projects might require more workers than currently available, so the construction consulting professional is on the hook to make it work. They may have to find additional temporary workers or make do with what they have. Part of this comes from the lack of qualified and trained construction professionals currently looking for jobs, the other part of the problem is the low unemployment rate. That makes it harder for construction consultants and others to find laborers in general. Ensuring that there is a sufficient qualified workforce is a problem that many construction consulting professionals face.

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Legal Issues

Construction consultants who specialize in contract administration are under a lot of pressure and face challenges from litigation and other legal issues. Since they’re responsible for contract negotiation often an administration they can get in trouble if there is an issue. A loophole in the contract or other issues could result in litigation against the construction consultant and the people who hired them. Legal issues can negatively impact a construction consultant’s career and reputation. Timeline disputes, contractual agreements, bad plans, and other issues can all create challenges for construction consulting professionals.

Government Regulation

A construction consulting professional has to be an expert on the local, state, and federal building codes and licensing. If they are unsure or don’t check there can be financial repercussions for the project or even for the professional. A construction consulting professional that doesn’t advise their client of the codes or ensure that everything is legal could get in serious trouble. Even if a construction consultant does advise the client, if something isn’t right it can cause serious rework or other issues. This will reflect back on the construction consulting professional, which can hurt their career.


Unlike construction companies, construction consulting professionals have to worry about the market for their skills. Like construction companies, their reputation is everything. It is how they can build their business. Also like construction companies, they are dependent upon construction in order to make money. However, they aren’t just dependent upon the market for construction. They’re also dependent upon the market for construction consultants. While the two are often intertwined, they aren’t necessarily connected. If there is an influx of construction managers to the market, it is easier for companies to hire construction managers permanently rather than hiring temporary consultants. However, with the continued increase in construction and high demand this most construction consulting professionals aren’t facing this particular challenge.